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EE Times and its growing network of websites is your online and face-to-face connection to the global electronics community.

With an expanding base of expert contributors, guided by award-winning editors, community leaders and journalists, and working off a platform designed for rapid interaction and social engagement across the electronics industry, EE Times' singular mission is to serve as your guide to what's really important in the global electronics industry — and what we need to do about it.

EE Times has covered the electronics industry since 1972. Click here to access 40th anniversary edition.

If you'd like to be one of our contributors, or have any comments or feedback on, please reach out and contact us directly, we'd love to hear from you. To submit a guest blog, please first read our bloggers' guidelines.

Main Contacts:
Editor in chief
Dylan McGrath,

Designline Editors
Junko Yoshida,

EE Life
Max Maxfield,
Stephen Evanczuk, & Max Maxfield

Internet of Things
Rick Merritt, Rick

Industrial Control
Ann Thryft,

Dylan McGrath,

TBD, Rick Merritt,

Gary Hilson,

Planet Analog
Steve Taranovich,

Power Management
Dylan McGrath,

Printed Circuit Board
Dylan McGrath,

Programmable Logic
Dylan McGrath,

Junko Yoshida,

Test & Measurement
Martin Rowe,

Wireless & Networking
Rick Merritt,

News editors:
Silicon Valley Bureau Chief
Rick Merritt; cell 408-930-7372;
Read his content.

Chief International Correspondent
Junko Yoshida; cell 516-232-7835; Read her content.

Associate Editor, News
TBD,; 415-947-6026

Contributing Editor, Taipei, Taiwan
Alan Patterson,;

Contributing Editor, Ontario, Canada
Gary Hilson,;

Contributing Editor, London, UK
John Walko;

Contributing Editor, Bangalore, India
Sufia Tippu,;

Technical editors:
Technical Editor, Programmable Logic
Max Maxfield,

Contributing Editor, Advanced Technology
R.Colin Johnson,; Read his content.

Senior Technical Editor, Test & Measurement
Martin Rowe,

Contributing Technical Editor, Ron Neale, United Kingdom.

Managing editors:
Editor in chief
Dylan McGrath,

Executive Editor
Susan Rambo; 415-947-6275

US Director, Aspencore,
Brandon Smith

Advertising, sponsorships, & marketing services:
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Bob Dumas
VP of Sales, Electronics

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