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Top 20 predictions for semis in 2009

Top 20 predictions for semis in 2009
12/30/2008 06:00 PM EST
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re: Top 20 predictions for semis in 2009
Kumaramitabh   1/20/2009 5:29:52 AM
Top Ten Wireless Trends for 2009! 1. WiMAX Capable Mobile Platforms to Emerge in 2009 Mobile WiMAX has seen considerable progress in 2008, with many countries worldwide having launched Mobile WiMAX networks. The rapid growth in Mobile subscribers and the need for higher bandwidth services will see a major move towards vendors providing platforms for operation in the 2.3 and 2.5 GHZ bands with LTE and Mobile WiMAX technologies. These platforms will include Mobile VoIP implementations. 2. WiMAX and LTE to Continue as Two Prongs of Development Even though Mobile WiMAX now has a stable architecture with certified products, LTE and WiMAX will continue to lead independent thursts of development, with LTE riding on the strength of 3GPP. Implementation of Femato-cells has achieved some momentum and this is expected to continue. 3. Smartphones Likely to get Smarter Smartphones have been operating in a stable environment of 3G/GSM/WiFi connectivity, a model which now needs to evolve to encompass new generation of wireless services with native support of applications such as Mobile VoIP, Multimedia based Mobile 2.0 services ( Presence,IM being examples) and multiple air interface support. The foundation of such a smartphone architecture has been unveiled by Nextwave® in its NW1100 WiMAX baseband mobile subscriber SoC (System on a Chip). The architecture supports not only multiple spectrum bands, roaming across multiple network types, but also support of WCS( wireless Communication Service) and EBS/BRS (Educational Broadband Service/Broadband Radio Service) bands in America. HTC T8290 4G Smartphone for Yota in Russia is an example. 4. New Generation of Wireless Broadcast Solutions to Firmly Advance Mobile Broadcasting using Wireless ( including 802.11n for indoor applications and 3G,Mobile WiMAX for outdoor) is likely to expand to include a range of mobile devices from cellphones to media players. The new devices will move towards a common core architecture encompassing mobile gaming, media players and transfer and full resolution web applications. The formalization of standards for terrestrial broadcasting to Mobiles (ATSC-M/H) in Dec 2008 is also expected this trend to get stronger. 5. Spectrum Availability for Wireless Networks Set to Increase Dramatically While the potential of Wireless applications has been well recognized, the spectrum for such networks had been lagging. A number of new frontiers have been opened by the wireless industry for a dramatic increase for availability in a number of additional bands ranging from the 700 MHZ UHF to 5 GHz encompassing the traditional WiMAX bands, lower extended C-band, WCS, BRS and other bands. A number of Spectrum auctions have already begun (including those in India and China the two largest mobile markets) which will lead to availability of WiMAX, Wireless and LTE spectrum for new network rollouts. 6. Wireless Environment To get Formalized Most companies have been using the wireless access including Mobile wireless access based on available services. With a greater availability of WiFi, WiMAX and Mobile services such as 3G,HSPA and EV-DO, the companies will move towards a better definition of usage of corporate applications over Wireless media, security architecture and Wireless value chain. They need to recognize the availability of media such as Mobile WiMAX e.g. XOHM as well as greater possibilities of new applications over the wireless media. 7. Availability of Wireless Based Applications to Increase The year 2008 has seen a number of wireless applications find greater acceptance such as the Amazon Kindle®, Apple TV etc. The trend is set to increase dramatically with new applications being available in the areas of wireless information systems, wireless advertising and marketing, wireless payment systems, location-based portals, and mobile trading and sales systems. In addition most enterprise application clients will upgrade to include mobile WiMAX and related technologies. These will include usage with multiple air interfaces. 8. Wireless ARPUs to remain Flat in 2009 Wireless ARPUs are expected to remain flat through 2009 owing to flat unlimited usage rate plans. The ARPUs will however be available across a significantly rising user base. This will also encourage a range of applications to come to be used with wireless as a preferred medium. 9. Islands of Wireless Growth will Diffuse Out Wireless will have greater growth rates in areas unserved by Fiber for broadband access. The BRIC countries, all of which have taken major initiatives in WiMAX will be the largest drivers of wireless broadband growth. 10. Location Based Services and Wireless will Integrate Location based services will integrate with Wireless networks including WiFi and WiMAX to provide integrated 3D applications usable in outdoor or dense urban environments. The WiFi positioning systems developed by Broadcom are an indicator of the trend.

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