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VPNs reopen switch/routing debate

VPNs reopen switch/routing debate
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willieaames   9/5/2014 3:29:54 AM
I would like to access an smb share on my TS-219P II through an OpenVPN tunnel.
It has the address, so I would like to get there by either putting in \\\share or \\QNAP\share in the files browser (using samba) - assumg using Windows, Mac doesn't work either.

I can configure Open VPN, download the configuration file, and route traffic through my local network. So when I check my external IP while connected, I get the IP of my home ISP, which is correct. So far so good.

However, it does not allow me to access any other services on the local network, including the QNAP share. The problem seems to be that the address range assigned by OpenVPN is in a different subnet than my local network, and - as Open VPN can be configured only to assign a whole subnet via DHCP, there is no way of just reserving a few addresses for this purpose.

This issue is that no routing is happening between the LAN ( and the Open VPN subnet (
I've tried the "route" command in the Open VPN .config, which breaks connectivty. I've tried manually assigning and IP, which also does not work, and I tried manually putting in a route in my router to (and from) the OPen VPN network, which also does not succeed. 

Could somebody please point me to a definitive guide how to make this work on QNAP?

P.S: using iron socket as vpn provider,

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