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Epistar invests in LED firm

8/13/2010 09:26 PM EDT
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re: Epistar invests in LED firm
UdaraW   8/15/2010 7:29:43 PM
From the back-ground information I have collected so far, Oree Ins. appears to be a promising start-up. May be it is an obvious fact since, one of the largest in the LED chip manufacture has jumped up to grab a stake in Oree. Digging a bit into Oree's technology, one may see the reason why Oree appears promising from an engineering standpoint. Reason one, there is no novel semiconductor process involved, and therefore free from the many hap-hazards a semiconductor start-up faces. Reason two, all of the technologies going into Oree are well-established, stable and mature technologies. For an example, Oree uses the LED dies commonly available. The LED drive circuits are of established topologies. In spite of the fact of being protected by a portfolio of patents, even the optical processing technology is not a ground-breaking novelty. What Oree does is to combine these mature technologies in an innovative way to fill-in a user need that has been present. Moreover, in recent years LED-based lighting has been a high-growth industry. A hot topic; so to speak. Therefore, Epistar Corp. investing in Oree is all rational.

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