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Apple/HTC suit signals smartphone patent war

Inside Apple's legal gambit
3/4/2010 07:00 PM EST
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re: Apple/HTC suit signals smartphone patent war
NikhilJK   3/5/2010 7:06:04 PM
What this clearly demonstrates is that the patent system is broken. Take for example the patent - "Conserving power by reducing voltage supplied to an instruction-processing portion of a process" - you are kidding right? How can this be patented? This would mean multi-core processors would not be able to scale voltage or shut down power to un-utilized cores. Of course most of these patents will (and should) be invalidated. But that takes $$$ (footed by HTC/ Google). If this patent system helps anyone, it is only the lawyers. The lawyers make money when they file for these bogus patents and they make money when they invalidate it. Innovation - the value of which was supposed to be upheld through this patent system - is what suffers the most.

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