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Extreme Design: Ultra-compact embedded computer overcomes multiple design challenges

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re: Extreme Design: Ultra-compact embedded computer overcomes multiple design challenges
pumpkinking   9/25/2008 4:23:07 AM
Hello, This comment or possible help for cooling the power block. First I must tell you that I am not an engineer but, I have worked with heat transfer products and solutions for the last 18 years. I have helped in process control, Testing, high power and low power solutions for comercial, medical and millitary making all types of heat pipes, vapor chambers, pumped liquid cooling and others. When it comes to cold plate or water block the micro channel seemes to be the most efficent at carring heat away. The fluid flows thru slow abd is able to pick up the most heat possible. Also one block could be used to cool two prosessors if you face the two processors face to face therefore using one block per two boards which would save space and require less cooling blocks. If a copper cooling block is used copper tube could be permanent to the blocks and exit the box this way which would alow you to be able to keep the box sealed from the elements. There is a excelent exchanger that is one that i worked with being used on Alienware computers. It has an extra capacity for fluid and any possible unnexpected air. This liquid cooling unit is made to be maintanence free for 4 years including refilling. The exchanger uses shradder valves for factory filling. This system is designed to cooling three cpu's or 300w. The main problem with this product is tubing, tube clamps. If the tube was all copper and the pump was sealed in a copper enclosure then a unit could be built totally free of any leak points or evaporation thru the tubing or plastics. I have also done some prototyping and testing on my own to develope an exchanger using a very dense open metal foam internally and short fin pack soldered on top. With this design i have been able to get the same results as the Alienware exchanger in a smaller package and is not constrained to orentation. Please feel free to e-mail if any of this makes sense to you. Thanks for your time and please excuse spelling errors. Jon S. Huss "Disturbed Design"

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