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Viewpoint: Competitive Advantage vs. Collaborative Advantage

1/22/2009 03:00 PM EST
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Doug in PDX
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re: Viewpoint: Competitive Advantage vs. Collaborative Advantage
Doug in PDX   1/23/2009 7:54:45 AM
A great parallel to this is what happened with the movie Industry. Their situation was similar, with software vendors leveraging that for a lot of revenue. This dynamic got in the way of their overall ability to deliver their core value; namely, moving pictures. Essentially, they moved to open computing, mostly in the form of Linux. Most of their custom tools ran on some Unix (IRIX for a lot of it), and vendor tools on Linux were scarce. Bit by bit they replaced their commercial UNIX tool chains with Linux, while at the same time applying strong pressure on the software vendors to port to Linux. Today, a lot of that works nicely, they share tools, and also have improved their ability to craft new ones to suit the project at hand, uninhibited by vendor release schedules, platform limitations, etc... IMHO, their culture of sharing follows many of the points you raise in this piece.

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