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Smartphones expected to outship feature phones for first time

3/6/2013 05:46 AM EST
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re: Smartphones expected to outship feature phones for first time
DMcCunney   3/7/2013 5:35:24 PM
It's been an assertion of mine for a while that it won't be long before every phone will be a smartphone because it *can* be. Previous distinctions between smartphones and feature phones revolved around costs. Feature phones were cheaper, because the components that made them were cheaper. As the components become increasing faster, smaller, and cheaper, what is possible at the same manufacturing cost grows. Yesterday's high end phone is today's middle-of-the-pack entry, and that trend will only continue. We are seeing low end phones from places like Nokia that would have been considered smartphones 5 years ago. The distinctions between phones are increasingly defined by software, not hardware. I'm beginning to wonder when we'll see "brilliant" phones being pushed as the next step beyond smartphones, and what feature sets they'll offer to justify a price premium.

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