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Epson Toyocom XP-6000CA absolute pressure sensor

8/31/2010 03:04 PM EDT
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Robert Ramey
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re: Epson Toyocom XP-6000CA absolute pressure sensor
Robert Ramey   9/3/2010 3:42:29 PM
OK let me get this straight. Here is a sensor with a range of 100kPa and an accuracy of 30 Pa. Let's translate that in to inches of water to get an idea of what that really means: 100 kPA = 1 atmosphere = 30 * 12 inches of water. So accuracy of 30 Pa works out to: (30 Pa / 100 kPA) * 360 = .1 inches of water. This seems (barely) believable. It's not clear how the resolution plays into this. Does it mean that if the output is calibrated then the part will be able to measure to .001 inches of water? Seems unlikely to me. Or does it mean that the resolution measures the least significant bit of the output but that you have to throw away some number of the least significant bits in any case?. An indication of the price and current consumption would be interesting facts. Robert Ramey

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