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Re: Bad bad trolls, but you may owe your job to them
opc10   5/24/2014 2:33:01 AM

I didn't know we were specifically talking about Electronics Hardware?

Odd? Maybe? Rant? Certainly! Reality? Absolutely

Regardless, my point stands in any industry where so called 'ideas' are perceived to be owned.

But I don't really care if no one wants to listen. I simply make a point about reality. It's pretty clear to even a layperson what has happened, and what will continue to happen.

My personal opinion is irelevant. As is yours. 

Just be smart. Nothing like the model built in the last Hundred or so years is going to work. Its not working now, and it's only going to get worse.

It's funny. The so called 'smart' succesful people who have for decades derided idealists by pulling out the 'get out of fantasy land and live in the real world, buddy..' line?

Well 'smart' people, here's the REAL world biting your fantasy land on the arse.

ps. If my son/daughter was looking at a career in Copyright/Intellectual Law, i'd strongly discourage will crash as quickly as it has boomed. Yet another Sector that is built on a Fugazi...


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Re: Bad bad trolls, but you may owe your job to them
fmotta   5/27/2014 11:21:43 AM
me3 said:Fmotta: yes, having a deep pocket but slow in innovation will indeed put you in danger. Deep pocket is not a license to steal. It is (still) the law, stupid. Have you ever thought of using that money to hire better engineers, in stead of trying to make stealing legal, with your expensive lawyers?

I don't know what those iPhones and samsungs do to your head. Maybe they are better than any of those old smokeable stuff came before them. Still, the talk of junking the founding fathers is kind of presumptuous. 

@me3: I speculate that I was either unclear or you hadn't read my posting or (the best option I can find...) you are creating your own variant of what I already stated.

My statement related to the use of leeches to gain an income rather than innovating seemed obvious to me to be a statement that hiring quality staff outside the business office is what generally creates innovation and hiring within the legal office can (at best) protect innovation (presuming good business and proper use of patents).

My statement regarding the founding fathers may be elaborated (toward further clarification)... have a look at just about any show/movie where someone is transported forward to the "present day" and you will find a trivial representation of the shock and fear and amazement over what can and is being done now.  Our founding fathers are little different than the average man of ~200 years ago... copying a document (at that time) meant a scribe or clerk laboring for hours/days (for example).  Just the process of patenting was time consuming!  Getting hot water, illuminating the space, traveling, conversing outside fo ear-shot, controlling devices across large spaces, creating a new innovation, ALL were the results of many many hours/days of labor.  I cannot see that there can be any representation that the founding fathers could even COMPREHEND the situation that we have today in principals much less in specific cases. 

I say that as a person who was actually around at the time when wrapping core memory was still in practice.  One of my favorite statements as I hold a microSD card with 64GB of storage space is "I remember when swallowing 512 bits would kill a person".  The transition was immense!  My 93 y/o friend who was a housewife and not exposed to tech is amazed every day I present her with a new idea even those ideas that are considered obsolete by current standards.

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