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Chinese Dream for IC Powerhouse Is Coming True

11/18/2014 07:35 AM EST
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China's domestic semiconductor consumption
chipmonk0   11/19/2014 11:39:39 AM
The article seems to be lumping chips that go into iPhones assembled in China and then sold outside China with chips that stay within China in various systems ( incl. some iPhones ) bought by the Chinese themselves or exported by Chinese Co.s like Huawei, Lenovo etc. as systems.

Has IC Insights ( source of the Graph ) or anyone else deconvoluted these numbers ?

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Re: No ctach up in sight
Zachariah   11/18/2014 3:03:12 PM
Rick, it's a bit unbelievable that China is becoming a big player in the chip industry, especially when you recall that assignment we did in China in -- what was it? 1992? At that time, the Pudong district where SMIC and Grace are headquartered today was nothing more than a swamp.

But look at Pudong now. I have visited SMIC and Grace as a skeptical journalist. I'm reminded of the skepticism surrounding TSMC in its early days. But look at TSMC now.

The rapid development of the Asian semiconductor industry is truly astounding. I'm a bit doubtful that other places like Brazil or India will be able to build the key infrastructure needed to support a chip industry. I think the chip industry will consolidate in Asia for the foreseeable future unless some disruptive new technology upsets the apple cart. Carbon nanotubes, anyone?

rick merritt
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No ctach up in sight
rick merritt   11/18/2014 11:15:53 AM
For tme that Page 1 chart and some anecdotes say it all: China's production is edging up but not nearly as fast as its consumption is growing.

After putting fabs in China both Intel and Samsung put bigger ones elsewhere and the China fabs are said to be underused.

At this stage there are several countires (Brazil, India) still trying to put together big fabs deals. And there may only be a handful of giant next-generation fabs to build before we start thinking about whatever post-CMOS factories will look like.

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