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CES 2015 Paves Road to Self Driving Cars

Self-driving car drives from SF to Vegas unassisted
1/15/2015 10:50 AM EST
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Re: When, not If
Andrzej11   1/16/2015 5:19:32 PM
Up to now, four U.S. states, Nevada, Florida, California, and Michigan, have allowed the use of Level 3 autonomous vehicles on their roads. As for the rest of the US, it may require significantly more real world testing and more likely the arrival of Level 4 vehicles before all 50 states allow their unrestricted use, the arrival of which the IHS predicts will happen by 2035. The more interesting question is how soon after the arrival of Level 4 cars will human driven vehicles be banned from public roads? In my view it will happen fairly quickly in a stepped fashion.

As for insurance companies, I think they will take a practical approach and base rates on actual accident rates and losses incurred. At first this will be guess work but a accident history will develop pretty quickly. The more interesting aspect will be when Level 4 cars appear. Some analysts state that all accident liabilities will be covered by the auto manufacturers in which case car insurance to cover auto accidents will be a thing of the past at least for end users.

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When, not If
LarryM99   1/15/2015 1:58:45 PM
The discussion around autonomous vehicles seems to have shifted to when they will be available, not if they will. This is significant. The sheer range of automakers that are making commitments within the coming decade are also a very good sign for this technology. The sensor and feature package described in this article are a very good start towards assembling the pieces necessary for full autonomous. I would love to hear what kind of take the insurance companies have on it and when we will have nationwide laws that allow them on the road. Any guesses as to when we will see that?

Larry M.

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