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TSMC to Start 10nm in 2017, Closing Gap with Intel

2/24/2015 09:52 AM EST
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Re: How will they do it
resistion   2/25/2015 12:32:26 AM
Looks like it is still far from the several thousands of wafers per day with immersion:

Strictly speaking, they only had one 1022 wafer/day run and several 400+ wafer/day runs. The throughput is merely 42-43 WPH.

Anyway, looks like all the companies who have worked on EUV are finding ways to exit gracefully. 10 nm is about time to do so.

Dick James
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Re: How will they do it
Dick James   2/24/2015 2:53:41 PM
At Semicon West Intel announced their foundry arrangement with Panasonic, and Shekhar Borkar was heard to say "there will be more"..

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Re: How will they do it
Gondalf   2/24/2015 12:30:24 PM
Ummm too much galore around new processes :).

TSMC has not even shipped 16nm and it is all on 10nm, very funny.

I have the suspect Intel has won a big foundry contract from some large phone manufacturer or some other unknown company.

We'll see

rick merritt
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How will they do it
rick merritt   2/24/2015 11:33:40 AM
Interesting comment from TSMC PR person!

At an ISSCC panel last night TSMC's Jack Sun said precious little about the company's plans, declining even to elaborate on its news yesterday it exposed 1,000+ wafers in 24 hours on its latest EUV machine running at 90+W.

Of course Intel's Mark Bohr sitting next to him also said nothing about when or how Intel will deliver cost-effective 10 and 7nm nodes though he continued to express confidence in them. Bohr has been making the point for several mo ths that Intel is way ahead of the competition with its 14nm FinFET process now in volume production.

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