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PC, Mobile Slump Hits Chips

7/15/2015 08:00 AM EDT
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Going online with 8 bit ?
apaDAV   7/28/2015 3:38:45 PM
"8-bit MCUs in IoT"
Can you really connect to the internet with a 8 bit µC ?
How is that done?
(By the time the internet came about computers were 16 bit and did not have Wi-Fi.)

rick merritt
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Re: blah
rick merritt   7/15/2015 12:06:13 PM
A "step" forward ;-)

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realjjj   7/15/2015 8:46:59 AM
Including memory and Intel in those numbers seems conterproductive, can distort the numbers and render them irrelevant.

For NAND lower prices stimulate demand so overall the total is smewhat stable but for RAM ,especially if China becomes relevant fast, it's trickier Significantly cheaper RAM would help demand but not in a huge way. In mobile and IoT DRAM power consumption needs to be factor in, you can't just go crazy with DRAM content even if the price would allow it. As for Intel, they have huge margins enabled by the x86 monopoly and they offer a lot less than they would in a competitive market.If AMD's new core next year can match Intel it could create huge troubles for them since Intel offers small dies, few cores and pointless GPUs. The possibility of ARM gaining relevant share in server fast could cripple Intel further.

On wearables they seem conservative, 500 million could be just bracelets, Glasses could be 10 time less or 2 times more by 2019.

Tablets being killed off by foldable screens would hurt but the timing seems foggy. I see cosumers migrating towards glasses as the one and only PC and screen. At some point TVs and PCs and monitors and phones will all go away so that won't be fun on the chips side but device makers are in no rush to innovate so it will take a while.

PS: Xiaomi and Li-Ning launched some "smart"shoes today.Not all that smart and not much silicon content but ,it's a step forward.

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