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Microchip Signs to Buy Atmel

1/20/2016 11:05 AM EST
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Re: Unsure how to feel about this
RGARVIN640   2/3/2016 11:35:51 AM
The largest 8-bit supplier is Renesas and has several 8-bit families with both low power and long production life. For many functions 8-bit parts are the answer, both from a cost and performance view. And there are probably more 8-bit systems embedded in FPGA and SOC parts, rather than individual parts, that are not even included in the market surveys.

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Unsure how to feel about this
mr_bandit   1/28/2016 1:59:02 AM
I have used both PICs and AVR. I like AVR better because of the consistent tool chain. I will say Microchip needs to qualify its 3rd party vendors better - the CCS compiler for the PIC16 series is OK, but the CCS compiler for the PIC24 series (only two versions I have used) is a POS and blows chunks. Lost 60 documented hours to the bugs in that compiler, and I am sure I did not find them all.

The advantae of PICs over AVRs is Microchip produces *all* of the their chips - they never go out of availability. Atmel has a bad habit of dropping a chip after you have designed it in, and need the availability.

The biggest issue I see, from a community viewpoint, is these two were the only competitors in that niche. There are other 8-bit choices, but they are pretty small (like the HC11). Yes, there are a lot of companies making the 8051, and last I knew, the 8051 is something like 30% of the market, but they seemed to be for very high-volume niches that PICs might replace on a cost issue.

On the last paragraph - been several years since I saw any hard numbers on the 8-bit market. People want to say 8-bit is dead,, but I doubt it. ARMs are cheap enough in high volume, but 8-bit keeps chugging along.

We will see. I can see Micrchip killling off AVRs comletely, despite being core to open source hardware like Arduino.

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