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MWC to Focus on Making 5G Real

2/17/2016 10:00 PM EST
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Jessica Lipsky
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Re: lol
Jessica Lipsky   2/19/2016 1:39:02 PM
Many good points here!


"Milking the consumer" made me laugh a bit - but how true! Companies are expecting consumers to buy into IoT without A) developing a truly sticky use case and B) developing more innovative pricing models. I do, however, think low power devices for neat IoT like smart glasses is well on its way -- see my Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear SoC story from earlier this week. 

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realjjj   2/18/2016 12:58:18 AM
And nobody asks the consumer how it would like to be milked. It would be polite to do so.

The goal is to serve any and all devices and replace any other connectivity option by forcing them to fade into the background.One could argue that it would be the natural evolution and that could be true if carriers would not exist and honest politicians would. The goal is also to keep it complex for high ASP and high licensing payments while keeping new entrants away.And ofc a much bigger SAM to address.

Consumers need affordable data, carriers can't afford to do that.If they offer enough, their revenue hits a hard wall so the consumer must always be starving, it's the business model and no politician has ever shown any interest in fixing that. Consumers will need something very very low power for glasses that don't cut off their noses and ears, with just enough speed and prefferabble at sane prices (hardware and data). Sadly,they'll likely need to wait for 2025-2030 to get that because 5G got greedy and wants to address everything instead of the next form factor.

4G is failing badly at serving the smartphone. When even in developed markets 80% of the traffic goes through wifi, it would be crazy to claim otherwise. All of the sudden 5G wants to serve (or starve) a much higher number of devices with much higher total data needs.  They want to do IoT when half the world can't afford a minimum of data and the other half can't afford any at all. Device makers , software makers, anyone web based and emerging nations need to stop the madness.Focus on power ,cost and simplicity, serve the markets that can't do without ,instead of chasing all the rabbits in the world without the tools to catch any.

A number of nations have laws about broadband access and preventing unreasonable restrictions. The internet is more and more mobile and unreasonable restrictions are what defines 4G/5G. The world can't afford this kind of mobile for much longer - hard data caps as a human rights violation would be an interesting issue to bring up.

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