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Concept of Superconducting Memory To Be Tested

Josephson Junctions over 100X faster, researchers claim
3/22/2016 09:00 AM EDT
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Sputnik of Supercomputers?
R_Colin_Johnson   3/23/2016 2:38:02 PM
The U.S. needs to keep up with the Russians who believe they have leapfrogged the West in superconducting, specifically in the design of a practical superconducting memory. Of course, its just a pencil-and-paper design so far, but they promise they are working on a prototype, even as they say that it may be a decade before they commercialize it.

But what if its all a ruse? What if they are closer than they admit, and are aiming for a superconducting Sputnik? 

In fact, when questioned thery say they only have a superconducting memory, but they also claim they can adapt the same semiconductor architecture to make superconducting processors--with reversible computing no less--alongside their superconducting memory on the same chip.

The U.S. can't afford another Sputnik--especially in our sweet-spot of making the world's fastest processors. DoD, DARPA, Intel, AMD, Freescale and everybody else with a big R&D budget ought to be thinking about beating the Russians to the Superocnducting Sputnik.

I know what you are thinking--why not partner with the Russians. Well before I get accused of getting into politics (again) that is, of course, a possibility--on that is similar to partnering with mainland China.

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