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V2X Radio War Still Smoldering in China, Europe

Connected car radio: LTE vs. 802.11p
10/25/2016 08:00 AM EDT
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Re: LTE is NOT everywhere
MWagner_MA   10/26/2016 7:44:11 AM
I agree.  There are different problems in urban areas than on remote highways in the middle of Colorado.  If we were to prioritize the safety goals - I would start with solving problems vehicles have at high speeds (most chance for loss of life).  What comes to mind a section of road obscured by fog, snow, you name it and vehicles coming up behind them at full highway speed slamming into them.  If V2V comms can alert drivers, that would be a major safety improvement, and won't require Cell coverage.

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LTE is NOT everywhere
elizabethsimon   10/25/2016 2:43:58 PM
One of my concerns with using cellular for V2X or V2V is that there are areas where it's very hard to get a cell signal let alone LTE coverage. Granted that most of them are in rural areas but there are also "holes" in coverage even in populated areas.

Having a solution with direct communication between vechicles would be very useful in those cases.

Another concern I have is who is going to pay for this? Am I going to be required to pay a monthy or yearly fee to a provider to drive my vechicle or is it going to be built into the price of the car or registration? With direct V2V communications there is no external provider or infrastructure to be paid for....


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