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Electronic Device Markets Seen as Stagnant in 2017

1/5/2017 12:45 PM EST
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Consumer electronics needs a new business model
MWagner_MA   1/10/2017 7:36:57 AM
The statement  "They are seeking fresher experiences and applications in emerging categories such as head mounted displays (HMDs), virtual personal assistant (VPA) speakers and wearables" suggests attempt at marketing driven demand.  As the article hinted at, not all of us in the US chase the new gadgets as much as asian markets.  The auto industry has figured out how to be comfortable with customers buying, and hanging on to good products for 10+yrs.  Fans of Toyota return time and again because of RELIABLITY, not just the next cool widget.  Consumer electronics needs a similar path because so many manufacturers make junk and they can't rely on repeat customers.  They then merge, change their name, or lower prices to survive.  Jeep has perfected the model of making products that customers love, hang on to and modify creating a strong following.

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