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Smartphone Senses Anything

U.S., Israel, China Collaborate
1/5/2017 08:12 PM EST
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Available in U.S. 2017
R_Colin_Johnson   1/10/2017 10:55:02 AM
The Changhong H2 runs on Android OS and will be available in China in June 2017 for 2999 RMB, and in US and other regions later in the year (they say).

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Spectral Range and Resolution
sssmyser   1/9/2017 2:27:57 PM
The SCiO technology has a limited spectral range and is at the start of the NIR, 750 to 1,050 nm. Higher wavelenghts in the NIR allow for measuring lower concentration levels and there is better accuracy because absorption is higher. Also, this enables measuring samples in different form factors: flat surfaces, whole particles, and even ground. The resolution and SNR of the SCiO device is well below other miniature/micro spectrometer solutions. A wider spectral range and lower resolution enable detection of more materials. Si-Ware's NeoSpectra NIR spectral sensor has the widest spectral range for miniature/micro spectrometers and also has much better resoluiton. A next geneariton NeoSpectra sensor will be announced wtihin two weeks.

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Will people understand the limitations?
ca94002   1/6/2017 11:44:44 AM
Another very innovative technology with the potential for disaster...

Measuring dietary components like Fat/Protein and the like may be helpful to many....but the article also mentions the idea people could test the drugs they buy online to verify they are what they ordered and implied "safe" This false sense of security can kill...

Whether an infared spectrometer or the"auto" mode in you car ,even depending on your car to tell you you have drifted into traffic, gives people a false sense of security. The Toyota ad where the driver is singing and "NOT PAYING ATTENTION", drifts across the center line , warned in an idealized "time" to avoid a head on collison..Emphasizes the point...

Are we talking about "everyone"... No, while there are many who understand the limitations - will they remember?

I love the Sound Level Meter apps for Smartphones and Tablets which profess to give an "accurate "  SPL (Sound Pressure Level) reading - how? When, based on the evaluations I have done these apps may be as much as 10 to 20 dB off...enough to potentially cause hearing damage (yes I can measure to within 0.2 dBSPL)

The concern should be that despite "fine print " in the instructions telling people of the limitations -,in practice will they remember or even know that while the spectromer can measure parts per thousand- parts in 10  or 100 Thousand can kill.. assuming the fatal component is even in the spectrometer's formulary...

Technology properly applied is beneficial - misapplied or misunderstood it can MAIM or even KILL.


N. Lewis


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