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Intel Boosts CapEx 20%

PC ASPs bolster quarter, outlook
4/27/2017 06:45 PM EDT
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Starting losses
resistion   4/29/2017 4:57:53 AM
128 million loss is not a good start. I have a doubt the 3D technologies will pull it in for them in time this year.

Dalian flies in the face of the Trump-friendly stance Intel recently took. Especially, if these 3D technologies are considered an American advantage.

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Re: ....
Gondalf   4/28/2017 5:58:14 PM
Don't be so catastrophist :). After all semi market is growing, slowly but growing and Intel sells silicon whatever it is.

I think that "flat" will be the worst case for a strong company like Intel :)

rick merritt
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Analyst's view
rick merritt   4/28/2017 12:02:12 PM
In a research note, Ross Seymore of Deutsche Bank noted two dissapointments in the quarter.

It had anticipated 8% growth in the data center group, not the actual 6%, and overall operating margins at 40+% not 35%.


Ron Neale
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Intel What's Inside.
Ron Neale   4/28/2017 11:06:41 AM
A case of Intel What's Inside

When ever the verb could is used as in "could break-even" it should always be followed by two questions . What is the probability of the event occurring and in the context, an exact definition of break-even. Especially when it is later claimed that some new fiscal creativity is afoot in the company "...CFO has brought in new ways of thinking of how to continue that trend.." albeit when talking of improving efficiency.

With 3DXPoint ™ (or Optane ™ ) the industry and potential users are still flying blind in terms of the physics, materials and switching mechanisms of what is actually under the hood. It is difficult to find an example of a successful product where those basic details are so well hidden. For 3DXPoint talk of new secret recipes, bulk switching or filaments, 100s of new materials and all the earlier PR nonsense are the best available. In the past when salesmen were faced with this sort of dilemma the response they were trained to offer was "Well we don't know how aspirin works but it does"; please not that again. Nobody is asking for the proprietary details but enough to provide a high level of confidence that at some future date the wheels are not going to come off, especially in the light of the failure of earlier PCM based products. The many questions on 3DXPoint might require a slight modification to an old slogan: Intel What's Inside.

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realjjj   4/27/2017 10:03:11 PM
Can Intel beat this 14.8 billion revenue in a quarter ever again?

They might in Q3 and Q4 but that depends on when the competition starts shipping a number of new platforms. Next year they have no chance to beat 14.8B in a quarter (excluding any yet to be announced acquisitions) and by 2020, in a mildly optimistic scenario, their quarterly revenue is more likely to be in the 10-12 billion range, depending on how well they do in deep learning and foundry.

The yearly 20 billion in R&D+MG&A and 10-12 billion CAPEX do become unsustainable.

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