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Big Data Reshapes Silicon

The view of Compute 2.0 from Bristol
5/25/2017 00:01 AM EDT
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This AI talk is overblown
emesdoublee   5/29/2017 6:02:13 PM
I think this is just a bunch of hype. Everyone always has to jump on all these bandwagons. I'm in AI, Autos, IOT, Quantum computing. It seems every company is in the hottest market. Robots are going to eliminate millions of jobs. What about robot repair man? For all you believers out there, don't worry. Why do you think our nation is dominant number one? For you non-believers, keep listening to all that ridiculous marrketing ppt garbage. Best answer this week. "Nothing keeps me awake at night. I keep them awake at night". #maga

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realjjj   5/25/2017 10:01:05 AM
"With 18 million cars sold a year compared to 10 million servers, "self-driving cars could be a bigger market than the cloud for this technology, and it's a market that never existed before," said Toon."


Units aside (no idea where those numbers come from), the car will use 1 SoC with a relatively low ASP while servers will use many large accelerators with high ASPs.

Today Tesla (the current leader) is using a Parker SoC paired with a mid range discrete GPU, tomorrow they might use just a Xavier SoC.

At the end of the day, the biggest markets and the ones requiring the highest efficiency will be glasses and robots so the focus on server and cars is the wrong path. An architecture that can scale from glasses to servers has a much better chance in the long run so looking forward to see what Qualcomm and Mediatek come up with.


Accelerators aside, any speculations on what ARM's very soon to arrive new CPU core looks like? If they announce it at Computex, is that a hint that it's a larger core?

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