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Siemens Lays Out Vision for Mentor

6/21/2017 00:01 AM EDT
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Does anyone believe that?
emesdoublee   6/21/2017 10:49:31 AM
I sure don't. Siemens bought Mentor because it has the most products in system software. Like wiring harness software to build aircraft or heat analysis software. Mentor did all that because they couldn't get anyone to buy the IC tools. That's becasue they were and continue to be the 3rd place loser in the space. The big bucks are in IC tools. Synopsys and Cadence have been running circles around Mentor for years. Plus IP cores which Mentor also sucks in and has no presence. Synopsys is #1 in IP cores.

For example, wiring harness design software.

Mechanical design software.

Mentor had to do something since they were getting their ass kicked so bad in the IC design space. Then all you heard wally talking about all the time was systems companies systems systems systems.

That's why Siemens bought Mentor. I think they will highlight the system software and minimize the IC tools where their ass is getting kicked daily.


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