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Design Now for the Interference of Things

8/9/2017 11:00 AM EDT
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yea.. but ....still kinda vague on some parts...
Thinking_J   8/16/2017 5:17:10 PM
Let me see..

- unlicensed bands? ok ..

- software defined radio? ok..

- test to make sure it operates within compliance? ok..

- Register the compliance in a database... mmm .. ok .. but...

How are software changes.. changes that may impact compliance, to be monitored and enforced?

Don't these concerns depend upon a the actors involved acting in good faith.. Good faith that is assumed until called into the question by some reported interference in the field? When the FCC investigates.. it quickly becomes apparent if the company is not acting in a responsible manner.

I don't see a bureaucracy similar to the FAA's used for controlling avionics compliance being applied to IoT devices. Simply too expensive and slow for all involved. (but makes sense for safety reasons in aircraft)

Trust and parties acting in a responsible manner.. these are required for any reasonable system to work. Without these, innovation would grind to a halt, strangled by the cost in time and monetary costs of any bureaucratic solution.

Unfortunately, this base level of trust and responsibility required .. isn't common in some countries.


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