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Will Imagination Deals Deliver MIPS to China?

Imagination sells itself to Canyon Bridge, while agreeing to sell MIPS to another VC
9/25/2017 00:01 AM EDT
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Imagination Technologies PowerVR
thunderbladesega   9/25/2017 6:50:26 PM
Dreamcast 2

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The Imagination deal seems more relevant to me
jamestate   9/25/2017 1:56:36 PM
How much IP does MIPS have that the Chinese haven't replicated already by now? AFAIK the problem the Chinese have is that they cannot export their MIPS CPUs, to sell them in the worldwide commercial market, because of patents. It's not that the Chinese don't have the ability to replicate the basic technology. In fact they have already done it. Also the Chinese government and military customers for these products couldn't care less about the license issues as it makes no difference whatsoever to them. From what I understand most of the actual leading edge patents on MIPS are held not by MIPS but by customers like Cavium (which has since switched to ARM). Please correct me if I am wrong here. The Imagination technology GPU patent portfolio seems a lot more relevant to me. A high-end GPU has way more FLOPS than a CPU. If you look at the leading TOP-100 supercomputers all of them have some sort of accelerator chip in it. Typically a GPU which provides a lot more computation power than the CPU. The CPU is typically only used to run legacy software and perform system management tasks.

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