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5G Rollout May Happen Faster Than You Think

10/9/2017 00:01 AM EDT
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Wasn't fixed service 5G due this year?
Bert22306   10/11/2017 5:18:53 PM
I'm pretty sure that both Verizon and Google, if not also AT&T, had said some months ago that they would be providing 5G fixed service as a sort of next gen FTTH. Google called it Google Fiber 2.0. For Verizon, it was to be the answer to expanding FiOS, beyond the relatively small footprint FiOS has had to date. I thought the target dates were fourth quarter of 2017, or first quarter of 2018, in some early deployments.

My other comment is, perhaps the uncertainty of what 5G actually is, is how T-Mobile can say that the 600 MHz spectrum they recently acquired will be their "foundation" for 5G service. I mean, let's get real. T-Mobile acquired some 35 MHz in the 600 MHz band, on average, in various markets. I don't see how that small amount of spectrum, at such low frequencies, can credibly be said to provide a "5G foundation." For instance, it would take some pretty creative math to show 10 Gb/s service, with that amount of spectrum? Even with MIMO.

What makes the 600 MHz band interesting is the way it can propagate relatively long distances, diffracting happily around objects. Just the sort of propagation characteristics that promotes co-channel interference, in a 5G femtocell (or whatever they will be called) environment. The 35 MHz or so in the 600 MHz band would most likely be useful to provide broadband service in "extreme rural" settings, yes, but calling that 5G? Hmmm. A stretch. It sounds more like TV white space service, maybe based on IEEE 802.22?

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