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Intel May Sit Out Race to EUV

Zeiss lenses said to be in short supply
10/10/2017 00:51 AM EDT
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What a ridiculous headline
emesdoublee   10/11/2017 10:24:48 PM
I'm sorry but this headline is laughable. Only in the foundry industry dream do they beat Intel in EUV or anything else. You seem anti Intel and pro arab foundries for some reason. Even semiwiki has some ridiculous article about arab foundries firing on all cylinders. Really, firing on all cylinders? Is losing billions of dollars considered firing on all cylinders? I think Intel is profitable. I think TSMC is profitable. Arab foundries is wrapping dollar bills around every wafer they ship. Why don't you actually do a real article about how arabs have flushed so many billions down the toilet with zero return on investment? You can see from investment levels that arab foundries will have no capacity for EUV. I think a real technology journalism site should really press arab foundries for some answers. Ask the CEO about his low investment in EUV machines and about his statement that it takes 20 billions of dollars to be successful and multiple years when you finally get to milk it like a cash cow. Ask jha when he is going to start milking that cash cow. I'd really like to understand when that guy is going to start milking it. TSMC is ramming his face into the pavement daily.

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False statements
paul.jhnson   10/11/2017 1:04:51 AM
Another false statment by Desparate Foundries. They hardly have enough money to keep fabs operating; let alone spend 5B in EUV. Not to mention lack of talent. Desparate attempts to pretend as if they belong to same group as Intel, TSMC.

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