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Globalfoundries Speaks Car Talk

10/12/2017 09:00 AM EDT
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Re: Anne Hidalgo
realjjj   10/12/2017 11:38:57 AM
At first I thought it's far to aggressive, banning sales would be a non-issue but this seemed like too much. However, after considering this for a bit, it's very doable. The article claims that car ownership is under 40% in Paris and that means maybe some 90% of the population will transition to electric by then (ownership or CaaS but mostly CaaS). Could be even more than 90% if the social norm shifts so Paris is just not letting ICE linger and giving folks a 12 year warning.

How they deal with congestion, hard to say. They still need to ban cars in some areas and with CaaS, cars get larger for more comfort so they might have to mandate the use of small cars in the center or build some dedicated lanes for small cars.

It's likely that 80% of the miles would be autonomous by 2030 and human drivers could be banned in some areas, followed by a city wide ban maybe by 2035. Don't know if they got such plans but it would be very interesting.

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Anne Hidalgo
junko.yoshida   10/12/2017 11:15:54 AM
Thanks, realjjj. Anne Hidalgo, Paris city mayor, has been known for her very progressive (and aggressive) policy on the environment. She has already introduced a closure of roads along the Seine and other traffic reduction measures. Her ongoing campaign is said to be: "reconquer the public space" for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-polluting transport, including electric cars and scooters. But this one appears to go even further. Let us look into this. Thanks, again.

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realjjj   10/12/2017 10:38:36 AM
Seen this? "PARIS (Reuters) - Paris authorities plan to ban by 2030 all combustion-engine cars - including those fueled by both diesel and petrol - an official at Paris City Hall said on Thursday."

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Such very aggressive moves will favor car as a service a great deal and might even allow for cities to transition to only autonomous vehicles a lot faster than expected.

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