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Walmart Calls for Sub-$1 IoT Sensor

Retailer wants to lick-and-stick for pennies
12/4/2017 00:01 AM EST
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Sounds like they have too much money to spend
EELoser   12/4/2017 11:39:28 AM
Reminds me of the late 1990's right before the big tech crash. Companies forming departments with people on a whim, that basically do nothing for them etc, then a couple of years later it gets shut down and everyone gets laid off.

iot sensors on take home products that alert the store when they are used up?  stupid, Amazon sort of has been doing this with those stupid stick on reorder product buttons. that are a fad. 

Whatever they come up with, if it ends up on the store floor, will be stolen, broken, or unused after a few months.

Looks like this walmart dept. of 500 people is looking for problems to justify their existence.   Maybe they could focus on stopping runaway shopping carts in the parking lot and keeping people (and their own employees) from stealing.

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