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Intel’s EyeQ 5 vs. Nvidia’s Xavier: Wrong Debate

12/6/2017 00:01 AM EST
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8061 microcontroller was a Ford design, not an Intel One
pifourth   12/7/2017 9:46:56 AM
  Intel didn't put much effort into microcontrollers in the 1980's.  It was concentrating on processors for PC's and servers and other things back then.  The 8061 was a Ford design.   Three custom chips were needed for it to function: the microcontroller chip, a RAM chip, and a ROM chip.   There was a slave PC (program controller) in the RAM chip and maybe the ROM chip also.    Intel won the contract to make the 8061 chip.   Toshiba made the RAM chips.   Maybe other companies also.  I don't remember which companies made the ROM chips.    While reasonably fast in it's day, the 3 custom chip solution for engine controllers was expensive to make.    A microcontroller chip that worked with normal RAM and ROM chips or contained ROM and RAM hardware would have cut costs.  The 8061 design was owned by Ford, and the chip was only ever used by Ford.      

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Is this surprising?
jsb344   12/6/2017 2:47:02 PM
They play these kinds of tricks all the time when they try to claim process superiority to TSMC, and it's gotten out of control under Kyrzanich. Remeber their 3DXPoint claims? This is more of Intel missing major movements and then attempting to buy and market their way back into relevance, unable to adapt and develop new ideas.

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