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Investigating the iPhone Battery Slowdown

Geekbench founder saw “something going on”
12/27/2017 04:01 PM EST
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Re: ...
milktea1   1/2/2018 1:07:10 PM
Still trying to figure out why Apple decides to do away with the headphone jack !?!?! Too bad LG V30 has a supply chain issue. Still waiting for the SABRE ES9218P quad-DAC.   (ˇ_ˇ)

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Apple really messed this up
rpdmallett   1/2/2018 5:23:57 AM
My iPhone 6 had been suffering from poor battery life for most of 2017 - and mid-year it started just dying at around the 40% battery level.  Apple were of little help - remotely running tests which showed no problems.  They even recommended a backup & wipe of the phone, which was a pain as they suggested NOT to restore afterwards, but just install the Apps one by one. This did seem to help - but then an iOS update caused some real problems, with slow-downs, etc.  Now it's obvious what was happening - but at the time I just put it down to something the new iOS was doing in the background (re-arranging or analysing files / photos / etc.).  But at least it stopped suddenly dying. Over Christmas I downloaded an App (CPU DasherX) that showed that my CPU was running at only 600MHz instead of 1400MHz.  So I got a new battery from Amazon and installed it - and my phone is like new again.  Great battery life of course, but also amazingly quicker. The fact that Apple did not make any of this public at the time should be a huge humiliation for them.  I have no doubt that my battery died earlier than it should have and was faulty - and you could say that Apple just tried to mask that issue with software.  Or you could say they tried to improve things for customers by preventing sudden shutdowns.  But, for me at least, keeping it secret was the issue.  It feels like a breach of trust, like I've been lied to by a company I once trusted. I'd contemplated upgrading the phone, but I'm glad I did not - although I do wish I'd waited a bit for Apple to announce they'd be doing the battery change at a discount, as I now have a non-original battery in my phone.

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Bye bye, Apple
jimwilliams57   12/29/2017 11:47:05 AM
My wife's iPhone 7 Plus recently started shutting down unexpectedly. She never upgrades to new versions of iOS, so she may not have had the "slow down" version installed. She would have preferred to have it repaired but according to Verizon's customer support, a repair required sending it to Apple and waiting a few weeks to receive the repaired phone. She depends on her phone too much to be able to spend that much time without it, so she chose to upgrade to an 8 Plus instead. Even though I now know that the battery could have been the cause of her problems and ensuring her iOS was up to date might have avoided her problem, I feel cheated by Apple for not making this information public as soon as they understood it. I had already been considering switching to Android, but this was the final nail in the iPhone coffin for me.

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iPhone Need a Battery Replacement, How to Check?
jacobtony   12/28/2017 3:53:38 AM
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realjjj   12/27/2017 7:46:29 PM
The fact that this was a software fix for the "unexpected shutdown issue", suggests that it is an engineering fault. Batteries degrade so one would expect that battery, PMIC, SoC  and everything else would account for that. We do know that Apple uses small batteries, much smaller than flagship Android devices and that iPhones do not like cold weather at all. Higher power draw or stricter power regulation demands are speculation but possible, yet no excuse. If somehow this was a design decision, it wouldn't be ok either but it would be in line with Apple's behavior- hostile moves aimed at squeezing some extra revenue. Lesser recent examples: not enabling animoji on older devices even if the depth sensor is not required for the feature, the removal of the headphone jack that is borderline illegal as, in practice, can be considered as "soft" bundling or Apple's war to suppress 3rd party repair shops.  

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