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Can Ex-Intel Exec Succeed with Old ARM SoC?

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Renee James
Renée James

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Nice battle to follow
Rogerio   2/11/2018 7:34:05 AM
The challenge exists for many years and none was able to displace or even taking a portion of  Intel´s share !!! Somebody would try it !!! Much better if you have the experience of the market leader !  If Ampere is able to take 10% of the market share they will be succesful. It will be a very interesting marketing battle to follow.

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realjjj   2/5/2018 10:35:34 AM
It's about software as Intel's hardware is not setting the bar high. They've been using the same core since 2011 and their SoCs have serious I/O limitations aimed at boosting units sales. The bulk of the market does not need many cores or high clocks either. The trick is to enable a painless transition to ARM and that might be hard at first but there will be a tipping point, once ARM gains sufficient share. Not so sure about custom cores being an advantage, ARM Cortex A has great perf density , single core perf is getting there and it will be hard to optimize the software for every custom core out there - even for AMD it's not easy to get folks to optimize for Zen. You can see this in phones too, the software always matures better with Cortex A as there are a million folks optimizing for those cores. Longer term, the CPU should be a commodity and the value would shift to accelerators.

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