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Guru of Grounding
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re: Aptina AR0330 1080p60 video sensor
Guru of Grounding   1/14/2011 8:53:39 PM
"Image stabilization"? OK, I'll bite. Except for the headline, where is it mentioned? And the data sheet is "secure information" ... c'mon guys, I'm not going to jump through hoops just to see if this is marketing bullshit or not!!

Jishana Shaji
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flickering in video
Jishana Shaji   2/21/2017 2:01:48 AM
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i need to know about the relation between row time (row period) and shutter speed. 

i have changed the row period setting for fixing fps. it worked, now i am getting issue flickering. do they have any relation between these two. 

#define INPUT_CLK 24 //EXTCLK
#define PLL_M 74 //pll_multiplier
#define PLL_pre_div 4 //pre_pll_clk_div
#define PLL_P1 1 //vt_sys_clk_div
#define PLL_P2 8 //vt_pix_clk_div

#define OUT_CLK ((INPUT_CLK * PLL_M) / (PLL_pre_div * PLL_P1 * PLL_P2) )//74.25MHz

#define LINE_LENGTH (0x672) //1650,1080p
#define ROW_TIME 29.73 //(2 * 13) (LINE_LENGTH / P_CLK)

 this is the code, i changed the ROW_TIME from 24.56 to 29.73 by changing the value of LINE_LENGTH. 

can you please clarify the relation ship and a suggession to solve the issue.

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