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Carbon Nanotube Transistors Here
R_Colin_Johnson   1/1/2017 4:16:36 PM
Nanotube transistors have finally surmounted the last hurdle to commercialization. Earlier this year, IBM showed how to lithographically place them (see link below with amazing pictures of perfectly placed nanotube channels) high precision and now they've shown how to make a low resistance connection to the nanoscale devices thus extending Moore's Law one-more-time baby! They've still got to get rid of the back-gate, but the handwriting is on the wall.

Here is a link and some amazing photos of how accurate IBM and its colleagues have been able to pattern nanotubes alongside traditional lithographically deposited materials:

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Max Maxfield

Aloha from EEWeb
Max Maxfield
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Just a few minutes ago as I pen these words, I posted this blog about this month's Cartoon Punchline Competition over on