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Rivals Expand Image Sensor Scope
News & Analysis  
2/19/2018   Post a comment
The International Solid-State Circuits Conference last week showcased a few new developments on the image sensor front, outgrowing the past beauty-contest trend in favor of a race to add more context to images as their sensors capture them.
Comment: Re: Prospects - junko.yoshida - 2/16/2018
An Engineer’s Guide to Sexism
News & Analysis  
2/15/2018   18 comments
Teresa Meng took to the podium in front of hundreds of male colleagues at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference and gave a tutorial on the institutional sexism in their profession.
AI’s Limits Send Scientists Back to the Brain
News & Analysis  
2/14/2018   9 comments
Despite waves of AI research, it’s high time to go back to the human brain to find alternatives to current computing technology, said CEA-Leti's chief scientist.
What #metoo Means to High Tech
2/12/2018   8 comments
Many women including VerveCon founder believe that the fuel for the women-in-tech conference was none other than an ex-Googler’s so-called “diversity memo.”
Earbuds Go Beyond Entertainment
News & Analysis  
2/8/2018   1 comment
Earbuds are not widely esteemed as a hotbed for new technology development. But while few people were watching, these little audio gadgets have gone remarkable evolution.
Comment: Re: iphone x - junko.yoshida - 2/7/2018
The Stealth Winners in iPhone X
News & Analysis  
2/7/2018   9 comments
iPhone X teardowns focused on logic ICs have been there, done that. But the untrodden ground Apple has broken is in areas such as optical modules, MEMS, packaging and PCB technologies, according to System Plus Consulting.
Nvidia Partners with Continental on Robocars
News & Analysis  
2/5/2018   1 comment
Nvidia and Continental have partnered to develop self-driving vehicle systems built on Nvidia platform. The partnership with Nvidia is neither the first nor an exclusive deal for Continental as it also joined hands with BMW/Intel/Mobileye group last year.
Can Ex-Intel Exec Succeed with Old ARM SoC?
News & Analysis  
2/5/2018   2 comments
Ampere unveiled its team and an ARM-based server SoC. Headed by Renée James, a former Intel president, it’s set to go after Intel-dominated data center server market with its first product designed by Applied Micro Circuits in 2015.
Renesas SoC to Double EyeQ5 Efficiency
News & Analysis  
2/2/2018   3 comments
Renesas Electronics is pumped up. In store for its roadmap is a yet-to-be-announced next-generation R-CAR SoC, designed for deep learning. The new SoC, sampling next year, will deliver more than 5 trillion operations per second (TOPS) at one watt.
Lack of Vision Among Robocar Visionaries
1/31/2018   4 comments
If the goal of pushing robocars is indeed about making roads safer, isn’t it time for highly automated vehicle developers to start addressing the “failure to communicate” between men and machines?
Qualcomm in China: BFF or DOA?
1/26/2018   1 comment
Qualcomm is striving to change its business model and offer itself as a useful contributor to China.
Did Tesla Flunk ‘Interpretation' Test?
News & Analysis  
1/25/2018   13 comments
A Tesla operating on Autopilot at 65 mph crashed into a stalled fire truck on the highway. We asked automotive experts to weigh in with the questions raised in their minds – especially related to Tesla’s ADAS.
JDI's Finger Sensor: Too Little Too Late?
News & Analysis  
1/25/2018   1 comment
In search of a new market beyond smartphones, Japan Display unveiled a glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor. Although its TFT-based fingerprint sensors have certain advantages over silicon-based solutions, JDI might be arriving too late with too little, observed industry analysts.
Osram Morphs from Lightbulbs to Optoelectronics
News & Analysis  
1/23/2018   Post a comment
Aldo Kamper’s seven-year career as CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors neatly overlaps the transformation of parent company Osram over the last decade. Basic semiconductor technologies– developed and manufactured by his team – have been critical to Osram’s recent growth.
MIPS Is Back, With An Eye on AI
News & Analysis  
1/18/2018   1 comment
MIPS has returned to Santa Clara as an independent company, fresh with VC gold, and — it says — ready to hire.
Robocars: What We Saw in Vegas
News & Analysis  
1/17/2018   6 comments
CES didn’t give us all the answers. But here’s what we spotted as hot trends in robocars. The list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s an effort to report the stuff happening in Vegas that probably won’t stay in Vegas.
As Rivals Tussle, Silicon Labs Soars
News & Analysis  
1/16/2018   Post a comment
Silicon Labs is riding high. The company’s CEO Tyson Tuttle, buttonholed at the Consumer Electronics Show, conceded that his company has benefited from turmoil among its rivals, who have been preoccupied with M&A upheavals.
Voice and AI Explosion Rocks CES
News & Analysis  
1/15/2018   1 comment
Voice, connectivity and AI took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. These three building blocks will compose the holy trinity of consumer electronics devices that will drive the market in 2018 and further into the future.
MediaTek Pushes AI to the Edge
News & Analysis  
1/12/2018   Post a comment
Taiwanese firm touts readiness for the post-smartphone era by moving into several new sectors, including chips for data switches, automotive and AI processors for edge devices
Comment: Pricing - junko.yoshida - 1/11/2018
Ambarella Shifts From GoPro to Robo
News & Analysis  
1/11/2018   2 comments
With revenue from once high-flying GoPro falling, the SoC vendor is increasingly turning its attention to computer vision for the automotive market.
Visteon Works with DNN Vanguard DeepScale
News & Analysis  
1/9/2018   1 comment
Tier one Visteon Corp. unveiled its first technology platform for autonomous driving solutions, which allows OEMs to mix and match sensors. Vestion also partners with a Calif.-startup DeepScale who offers the software components and fully trained CNN-based algorithms.
March of A Billion Sensors Unveiled at CES
News & Analysis  
1/9/2018   Post a comment
The annual CES Unveiled event this year proved that the Internet of Things is still hot, with exhibitors illustrating that the holy trinity of connectivity, big data and apps in every IoT gadget is just too important to let go.
Intel Springs 'Vision-First' Robocar Plan
News & Analysis  
1/8/2018   1 comment
Intel’s CEO laid out its robocar strategy in his CES keynote, painting a picture of the industry already split into two factions: Intel/Mobileye on an evolutionary path versus Waymo, Uber, and others impatient to jump into the ride-hailing/fleet business.
Nvidia Hails Uber with Robocar Platform
News & Analysis  
1/7/2018   Post a comment
Nvidia disclosed at CES that Uber selected Nvidia technology to power their self-driving fleets. The news puts the GPU giant at the forefront of the automated vehicle race as a supplier of AV brains.
NXP Does Robocars -- Without Qualcomm
News & Analysis  
1/5/2018   1 comment
With Qualcomm’s acquisition still pending, NXP Semiconductors’ automotive business unit kept a relatively low profile in 2017. That hiatus, however, will end with a modest bang come next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Conference Launched to Empower Women in Tech
1/4/2018   8 comments
Media coverage and “conversations” about women in technology kept the tech-world gender gap front and center in 2017. However, they are hardly enough to lift women to equal status overnight.
Quad Cam Vision for Robocars Comes to CES
News & Analysis  
1/3/2018   1 comment
Foresight Automotive is coming to the Consumer Electronics Show next week to demonstrate the company’s new automotive vehicle vision technology, called QuadSight, consisting of four cameras including two pairs of stereoscopic infrared and day cameras.
The Outlook for Robocar Sensors in 2018
News & Analysis  
1/2/2018   Post a comment
For highly automated vehicles to track their surroundings, they must rely on a range of sensors, including cameras, radar, ultrasound, GPS antennas and lidars. EE Times lists sensor companies we think might impact the robocar development in 2018.
It’s 2018. Do You Know Where Your Data Are?
12/28/2017   2 comments
Expect the top IoT agenda in 2018 to be “transparency” for collected data. People will want to know where their data is being moved, who’s using it, and what for.
What We Learned About Robocars in 2017
News & Analysis  
12/22/2017   6 comments
Techology and auto companies aren’t fazed by consumer’s apparent distrust in robocars. Instead, 2017 made it clear that companies such as Waymo, Uber, GM, Ford and others are concentrating on fleet services as a key market for their AVs.
Chirp Adds Sonar-on-Chip to ToF Battle
News & Analysis  
12/19/2017   2 comments
Whether they appear in drones, robotic vacuums, VR/AR headsets or smartphones, sensors are proliferating in consumer systems to capture “accurate range and position measurement” information. Chirp Microsystems is adding its new MEMS-based ultrasound chip to the growing ToF battle.
Four Big Trends to Watch at CES 2018
News & Analysis  
12/18/2017   1 comment
The factors that distinguish CES 2018 from last year are the pervasiveness of AI, connectivity and software platforms. A broader theme is how all these technologies, once they get connected, will alter consumers’ perception of reality.
Karamba Says It Can Protect CAN
News & Analysis  
12/13/2017   4 comments
Thus far, Trillium has been the sole voice promoting 30-year-old CAN bus protection. Now Karamba Security is in the game, claiming it better because SafeCAN authenticates a CAN bus-based network with “zero network overhead.”
Is Big Data for IC Design Too Big to Manage?
News & Analysis  
12/13/2017   Post a comment
In the big-data era, semiconductor companies are designing ICs for data centers. The question is if these chip designers use big data themselves. After all, there’s no shortage of raw data – spit out by different EDA vendors’ tools.
ST, Ams Sense 3D Trend
News & Analysis  
12/13/2017   4 comments
ST and Ams have identified 3D sensing as the biggest growth segment in sensors. To frame their success as a lucky break induced by iPhone X would be an understatement. Both are boldly taking on the complex technology challenges.
Redpine Flexes ‘Lowest-Power’ Wireless MCU
News & Analysis  
12/12/2017   Post a comment
Redpine is rolling out the industry’s lowest-power wireless combo solution featuring advanced security with integrated Bluetooth 5, dual-band Wi-Fi, 802.15.4/ZigBee/Thread, for battery-operated IoT applications
Intel’s EyeQ 5 vs. Nvidia’s Xavier: Wrong Debate
News & Analysis  
12/6/2017   2 comments
The specsmanship battle by Nvidia and Intel over AI chips reached a new high, when Intel CEO claimed EyeQ 5 “can deliver more than twice the deep-learning performance efficiency” than Xavier SoC. Nvidia called us and cried foul.
Rise of Adaptive Driving Beam
News & Analysis  
12/5/2017   2 comments
In Europe and Japan, Adaptive Driving Beam for headlights is viewed as “the biggest innovation in automotive lighting.”
Intel Touts Auto AI Chip’s Efficiency
News & Analysis  
11/30/2017   2 comments
Intel's CEO sets record straight on the efficiency of the EyeQ 5 chip, developed by Mobileye, compared to Nvidia’s Drive PX Xavier SoC for autonomous driving.
Velodyne Pads Lead in Lidar Derby
News & Analysis  
11/29/2017   1 comment
Velodyne LiDAR is still lapping the field in an embryonic but increasingly competitive lidar market, an advantage that grew when it unveiled a new 128-channel lidar sensor. The VLS-128 boasts range and resolution that other lidars have not offered.
CEA-Leti Moves Fast on New CEO
News & Analysis  
11/28/2017   3 comments
CEA-Leti, one of the largest micro- and nanotechnologies research institutes in Europe, lost its head recently, but recovered by naming Emmanuel Sabonnadiere as CEO, succeeding Marie-Noëlle Semeria. CEA-Leti has provided no explanation of Semeria’s contract non-renewal.
Soitec Tunes Wafers for RF, Imagers, Photonics
News & Analysis  
11/22/2017   2 comments
In recent months, Soitec is talking up not just RF-SOI and FD-SOI, but Photonics-SOI, Imager-SOI and others. What are they, how are they engineered, and what are they for?
Women in Tech: 25 Profiles in Persistence
News & Analysis  
11/20/2017   16 comments
EE Times profiled 25 women in tech. Our goal is to trigger discussions in the workplace, and around the dinner table about women in engineering — not as numbers, but as real people, as colleagues and bosses, mentors and protégés.
Robocar’s Honking Problem
11/20/2017   15 comments
Not everyone believes that a robo-shuttle/truck crash in Las Vegas was just a minor glitch. Did those involved in the operation and design of the AV shuttle carry out enough of an in-depth risk assessment of the area?
iPhone X’s TrueDepth Module Dissected
News & Analysis  
11/17/2017   3 comments
Although imaging experts are aware of a complex “TrueDepth” module that Apple has devised for its iPhone X, most other details inside the device’s 3D system — chips, components, and all the way down to substrates — remain a deep, dark secret.
PA Semi, Apple ‘Interconnect’ at Startup
News & Analysis  
11/15/2017   1 comment
With a body of engineering experience at LSI, Cisco, SiByte, Broadcom, PA Semi and Apple, Shailendra Desai is confident of his knowledge in SoC designs and what needs to be done. He unveils Provino, an interconnect IP startup.
It's Time to Ask: What Are Robo-cars For?
News & Analysis  
11/10/2017   7 comments
With AV at the top of the hype cycle, there is ample opinionating about one technology being — arguably — superior to another. But rarely has any commentator even asked the first question: Why AV? What’s it for?
Waymo, Navya Vie In Robo-Taxi
News & Analysis  
11/8/2017   1 comment
The “robo-taxi” changed virtually overnight from a “what-if” scenario dreamt by automotive visionaries to the public pledge of an imminent rollout on Tuesday when Waymo and Navya independently announced plans to launch automated cab services in major cities.
Silicon Labs Bends Micrium RTOS to IoT
News & Analysis  
11/6/2017   Post a comment
Silicon Labs is launching new software, designed to dynamically connect IoT devices to Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy ecosystems at the same time. Competitors also support multiple protocols in hardware, but “dynamic switching is not prevalent,” according to IHS.
Comment: Re: ... - junko.yoshida - 11/2/2017
Comment: Re: .... - junko.yoshida - 11/2/2017
Andes, Rockchip to Join FD-SOI Club
News & Analysis  
11/2/2017   4 comments
Design engineers living in Silicon Valley have long viewed FD-SOI like the story of the boy who cried wolf. However, new developments are unfolding in Asia, with IoT as a common thread.
Apple’s Qualcomm Grudge Runs Deep
11/2/2017   5 comments
The industry is abuzz with speculation that Apple might disdain Qualcomm’s 2018-model modem chips. Is Apple pulling all these maneuvers to win the legal fight at all costs?
X-factors Hobble iPhone X
News & Analysis  
10/31/2017   3 comments
Apple has been forced into a 50-percent cut in shipments of its flagship iPhone X this holiday season, slashing volume from 40 to 20 million units. What caused this massive drop in the production flow?
Qualcomm's NXP Buy May Slip to 2018
News & Analysis  
10/27/2017   Post a comment
NXP’s CEO, while announcing the company’s Q3 financial results, reversed a long-held position in conceding that Qualcomm’s acquisition of NXP Semiconductors will not happen — as promised — this year. The deal is likely to slip to “early 2018.”
Experts Weigh in on Mobileye's AV Safety Model
News & Analysis  
10/26/2017   9 comments
A technical paper published by Mobileye on a safety formula for autonomous cars has struck more than one nerve with autonomous driving observers. We have since reached out to experts in academia, asked them to break it down.
Renovo Develops Robocar-Cloud OS
News & Analysis  
10/25/2017   Post a comment
Renovo’s formidable goal is to design an operating system – or abstraction layers between automated vehicles and the cloud – that developers can tap, to write a variety of “Automated Mobility on Demand” apps for automated vehicles across the board.
NXP to Bridge MCU & AP with 'Crossovers'
News & Analysis  
10/24/2017   1 comment
To use an MCU or not (and to opt for an apps processor instead)? This is an eternal question for embedded system designers, and one that NXP Semiconductors hopes to answer by launching a new high-end MCU.
Intel/Saffron AI Plan Sidesteps Deep Learning
News & Analysis  
10/23/2017   Post a comment
Saffron, an Intel company, use the AI technology called Associative Memory AI, which is a different branch of artificial intelligence from Deep Learning. EE Times talks to Saffron’s financial crime-fighter and asks her to explain Saffron-Intel relationship.
Mobileye's Safety Formula Doesn't Quite Add Up
10/19/2017   22 comments
Mobileye has developed a mathematical model that spares an autonomous vehicle from the blame for an accident as long as it’s following a pre-determined set of “clear rules for fault in advance.”
Elektrobit Targets ECU Overload in Cars
News & Analysis  
10/18/2017   1 comment
While the automotive industry today faces many challenges, two stand out: How do automakers deal with the proliferation of codes, software and data? Can conventional ECUs – presumably hundreds already packed into a single vehicle – handle this digital mob scene?
Intel to Battle in FPGA-as-a-Service Race
News & Analysis  
10/17/2017   8 comments
The cloud service is changing practically everyone’s business. As FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service starts to emerge, Intel has just partnered with Accelize so that they can help cloud service providers like Amazon or Alibaba increase “compute instances with FPGAs.”
NXP Readying ‘Whole Vehicle’ Platform
News & Analysis  
10/16/2017   Post a comment
NXP Semiconductors announced a new automotive processing platform, designed for OEMs and tier ones to maximize re-use of codes, software and common capabilities across vehicle domains, applications and SoCs.
Future Auto Radar Goes Back to Analog
News & Analysis  
10/16/2017   Post a comment
Metawave, spun out of PARC, thinks that it can alter what the automotive industry perceives as the “limitations” of conventional radars, by using metamaterial-based analog beam-forming and AI engine built into a complete radar package.
Comment: Anne Hidalgo - junko.yoshida - 10/12/2017
Globalfoundries Speaks Car Talk
News & Analysis  
10/12/2017   3 comments
Globalfoundries' executive told EE Times that his company is picking “new customers in the automotive space,” as carmakers and Tier Ones scramble to “figure out software/hardware partitioning and interfaces” in the highly automated electric vehicles.
Nvidia Outpaces Intel in Robo-car Race
News & Analysis  
10/11/2017   3 comments
Nvidia pushed computational performance for autonomous cars to a new level by unveiling a new member of its Drive PX family, codenamed Pegasus. At 320 TOPS, has Pegasus’ computational performance literally blows Nvidia’s competitors out of the water?
Japanese Gems Surface in Unlikely Places
News & Analysis  
10/9/2017   2 comments
Japan’s electronics industry is floundering. Time to write off Japan? Perhaps. But the first step in finding Japan’s diamonds in the rough is to seek out corporations whose main business is not in electronics.
Cobot Invasion at Japan's CEATEC
News & Analysis  
10/6/2017   Post a comment
Most noticeable on CEATEC Japan for those of us who don’t live in Japan was a host of robotic and sensor products programmed to talk, think, and behave like Japanese people, mirroring Japanese sensibilities, preferences, and habits.
NXP Seeks 'Edge' vs. Intel, Cavium
News & Analysis  
10/4/2017   2 comments
As the lines begin to blur between cloud and edge computing, NXP Semiconductors is racing to offer the highest performance SoC of the company’s Layerscape family.
Foxconn Nudges Sharp into 'Post-LCD' Era
10/3/2017   2 comments
Under the Taiwanese ownership, Sharp’s LCD research engineers aren't just surviving but having a second wind. But their focus is no longer on 8K.
TI Riding mmWave Sensors
News & Analysis  
10/2/2017   Post a comment
Texas Instruments, which entered the radar sensor market only four months ago, is late to a party that includes heavyweights NXP Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies and STMicroelectronics, but nonetheless exudes confidence in its ability to gain market share.
Q&A: Ray Bingham on Canyon Bridge, Imagination
News & Analysis  
10/2/2017   2 comments
EE Times caught up with Ray Bingham, partner at Canyon Bridge. Our discussion covered questions about his firm’s relationship with Tallwood VC which bought MIPS, how Canyon Bridge plans to rebuild Imagination, who Canyon Bridge really is.
Does Japan Get Industrial IoT?
News & Analysis  
9/28/2017   Post a comment
When it comes to sensor data and automation technologies, Japanese companies know how to use them effectively to improve productivity -- especially on the factory floor. Unfortunately, all that knowhow doesn’t necessarily translate to the Industrial Internet of Things.
MIPS: Underdog or Dead Horse?
9/27/2017   16 comments
MIPS still has a revenue stream. It’s got multi-threading ARM doesn't have. To think of the semiconductor industry losing the only legitimate alternative CPU IP to ARM would be "a real shame," some say.
Nvidia CEO in China: Big Push for AI Inference
News & Analysis  
9/25/2017   Post a comment
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang came to Beijing this week to put Nvidia’s new AI inference platform --TensorRT3 -- front and center at the company’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC).
Will Imagination Deals Deliver MIPS to China?
News & Analysis  
9/25/2017   2 comments
Imagination will sell itself to Canyon Bridge, while simultaneously agreeing to sell MIPS to Tallwood VC. Has Imagination structured both deals in such a way to let Canyon Bridge –China’s government-backed buyout – have access to MIPS CPU IP?
DeepScale on Robo-Car: Fuse Raw Data
News & Analysis  
9/21/2017   Post a comment
DeepScale has developed a perception system for ADAS/autonomous vehicles. It offers pre-trained AI algorithms, based on raw data, not object list, coming from multiple sensory data types, and accelerates its fusion on an embedded processor like Snapdragon.
Smartphones: Have NFC Will Travel
News & Analysis  
9/20/2017   Post a comment
Vendors of smartphones — both Android and iPhone — are putting an NFC reader in the hands of consumers, making NFC a globally interoperable platform to connect, commission, and control things with NFC tag. IoT is NFC’s next big opportunity.

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