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Yoshida in Madison: Don't declare BlackBerry DOA
1/31/2013   10 comments
As the Android market turns into a giant playground for me-too products could it be such a bad development for BlackBerry to emerge?
Sensor Platforms loses a high-profile executive
News & Analysis  
1/29/2013   1 comment
Ian Chen, an executive vice president at algorithmic software developer Sensor Platforms, abruptly left the company last week.
MediaTek sets 2013 DTV design agenda
News & Analysis  
1/29/2013   9 comments
Multi-screens in the living room, DIAL, 4K x 2K, HTML5, and NFC are among the eight hot features for digital TV designs this year, according to Mediatek.
Yoshida in Japan: Second-coming of Steve Jobs
1/24/2013   16 comments
We are suddenly seeing home appliances masquerading as red hot new products at CES. Why is that? Observe how Colin Angle and James Dyson are treated in Japan.
Yoshida in China: 5 reminders when working at US-Sino firm
1/23/2013   8 comments
Legend Silicon, once a red-hot China-U.S. startup focused on DTV chips, closed its U.S. operation in late 2011. What went wrong and what did we learn?
UltraGig: Proprietary blunder or 60GHz future?
News & Analysis  
1/22/2013   14 comments
As home networking technology moves to another level, there is a battle brewing between Miracast and Silicon Image's proprietary UltraGig.
Yoshida in Vegas: Chasing elusive LTE design wins
1/16/2013   8 comments
ST-Ericsson, Renesas Mobile, NVidia, Marvell and others have been developing LTE baseband chips for more than a year with little to show for. What's the hold up?
To-do list beyond UHDTV: Audio, voice, connectivity
News & Analysis  
1/15/2013   6 comments
Despite the hoopla over Ultra HDTV at CES, three unmistakable trends have emerged, and consumer electronics companies are busy addressing them.
Yoshida in Vegas: How to walk away from smartphones
1/14/2013   8 comments
A chip company can walk away from smartphone sockets and still ride the wave of a rising smartphone tide. How to do that? Ask Ambarella.
CES slideshow: Next big (or little) things
News & Analysis  
1/12/2013   21 comments
Found on the International CES show floor, here are some small gems and big trends that might well alter the consumer electronics landscape in 2013.
Broadcom CTO on UHDTV and Wi-Fi in everything
News & Analysis  
1/11/2013   19 comments
Broadcom co-founder Henry Samueli identified three key trends at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2013.
ARM CEO on '56-inch smartphones', IoT rollout
News & Analysis  
1/9/2013   5 comments
From CES, ARM CEO Warren East talks about radical changes in the TV business and what ARM can do to speed to roll out of the Internet of Things.
Yoshida in Vegas: Can green tech save Panasonic?
1/9/2013   8 comments
Panasonic chief Kazuhiro Tsuga, girding for another year of huge losses, must find a way to return Japan’s largest consumer electronics company to profitability.
Yoshida in Vegas: Windshield camera for the wary driver
1/9/2013   2 comments
Video pioneer Ambarella has rolled out reference designs for full 1080p30 HD single and dual-view cameras. They may come in handy after an accident.
CES: Too many cooks dumbing down smart TV?
News & Analysis  
1/8/2013   22 comments
Smart TV is turning out to be a slow learner, but not through its own fault, as LG, Samsung and Panasonic scramble to redefine smart TV.
CES slideshow: Gadgets galore at opener
News & Analysis  
1/7/2013   11 comments
A trend at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is the proliferation of devices using wireless and sensors while leveraging apps running on smartphones and tablets. Here are some examples.
CES: Three reasons why Ultra HDTV is a non-starter
1/6/2013   27 comments
UHDTV, designed to deliver video with four times the resolution of current HDTV will be hyped, dissected and debated at the CES this week.
Yoshida in China: Managing Sino-U.S. disconnects
1/3/2013   7 comments
If you work for a "U.S.-China" semiconductor company, a new book on managing such multinational enterprises may be considered required reading.

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