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Comment: Re: Simon says. - R_Colin_Johnson - 11/17/2017
Beating IoT Big Data With Brain Emulation
News & Analysis  
11/17/2017   7 comments
Bosch Sensortec demonstrated its sophisticated three-tiered methodology for solving the real-time Big Data deluge with smart sensors that send summaries every few seconds to hubs, which in turn send trends to the cloud every few minutes, where they are analyzed and fed back to the user as actionable information.
IBM: Copper Interconnects Here to Stay
News & Analysis  
11/15/2017   4 comments
Copper will serve as the interconnect technology for CMOS forever, no matter how small its feature sizes evolve, according to Big Blue.
IBM's Quantum Computer Goes Commercial
News & Analysis  
11/13/2017   2 comments
EETimes, NextGenLog, Electronics, IBM, IBM Q, Quantum Computer, Supercomputer Conference, SC, IEEE Industry Summit on the Future Of Computing
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 11/10/2017
Low-cost Lifetime Boost for Lithium Batteries
News & Analysis  
11/9/2017   2 comments
Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute is seeking a U.S. patent on a composite paste that OEMs can apply to battery electrodes to prevent solid electrolyte interface buildup and thereby extend battery life up to 70%.
Lam's Coventor Buy Boosts MEMS Manufacturing
News & Analysis  
11/8/2017   Post a comment
Lam Research's recent acquisition of Coventor has benefited each company through the co-design of hardware and software, executives say.
Paper or Plastic? Both Are in MEMS’ Future
News & Analysis  
11/6/2017   1 comment
Microelectromechanical-system design and development house founder Alissa Fitzgerald predicts the future of MEMS materials and devices by summarizing the 500 most predictive papers of 2017 at SEMI’s MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress 2017.
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 11/4/2017
Comment: Re: .... - R_Colin_Johnson - 11/3/2017
Comment: Re: .... - R_Colin_Johnson - 11/3/2017
Keynoter: Noise Analysis Beats Google Now
News & Analysis  
11/2/2017   10 comments
In a MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress keynote, Intel’s Lama Nachman predicted that smart-device sensor noise will be mined for data to solve the world’s hardest human-machine interface problems: detecting emotions, anticipating needs, and even saving lives.
Nanodiamonds Found to Prevent Lithium Battery Fires
News & Analysis  
10/31/2017   Post a comment
The dendrite formation that causes lithium batteries to overheat can be prevented by mixing nanodiamonds with the Li-ion electrolyte at a concentration of at least 1 percent, says a Drexel nanomaterials researcher.
Comment: Re: 3D Stacks - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/27/2017
Comment: Re: 3D Stacks - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/27/2017
Comment: Re: 3D Stacks - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/26/2017
IBM Demos In-Memory Massively Parallel Computing
News & Analysis  
10/25/2017   6 comments
A coprocessor prototype from IBM Research exploits phase-change memory crystallization dynamics to perform in-memory deep learning 200x faster than any von Neumann computer.
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2017
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2017
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2017
This Garment Pattern Could Power Biosensor Nets
News & Analysis  
10/20/2017   6 comments
Georgia Tech used flexible conducting polymers and Hilbert-curve-based, paper-printed circuit patterns in a proof of concept for thermoelectric fabrics that could power biosensors.
IBM Watson AI XPrize Adds Wild-Card Round
News & Analysis  
10/18/2017   Post a comment
A year into the competition, the $5 million, open-goal IBM Watson AI XPrize has added a wild-card round to accept projects at the leading edge of artificial-intelligence research.
Implantable Fiber Diagnoses, Treats, Biodegrades in Place
News & Analysis  
10/17/2017   2 comments
Engineers at Penn State created a citrate-based, polymeric step-index optical fiber for medical applications that can be implanted and left in place to biodegrade after use.
Helix Entry Outperforms 'Zero Power' Target in Standby
News & Analysis  
10/13/2017   Post a comment
The 90 to 97 percent efficient Helix Semiconductors eMpower HS200 DC/DC converter steps down 48 V to extremely low voltages for modern chips while exceeding the “zero power” goal for standby use by 10 times.
Commercial Quantum Computing Pushes On
News & Analysis  
10/11/2017   Post a comment
Looking to speed the arrival of commercial quantum computers, Intel has prototyped a 17-qubit superconducting chip, which research partner QuTech will test on a suite of quantum algorithms.
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 9/26/2017
MIT Spins Second Wireless Charger Start-up
News & Analysis  
9/25/2017   3 comments
MIT spin-off Pi Inc., promises a wireless recharging station that works over about a foot.
Power SiC for Everyone
News & Analysis  
9/22/2017   2 comments
NCSU researchers have implemented the cheap-to-license PRESiCE process at TI’s X-Fab as an alternative to proprietary silicon carbide processes for power devices.
DARPA Heeds Moore’s Wisdom
News & Analysis  
9/15/2017   Post a comment
DARPA added six programs to its Electronics Resurgence Initiative to address the problems that Gordon Moore 50 years ago predicted would loom at the end of today’s silicon roadmap.
IBM Goes All Out for AI
News & Analysis  
9/13/2017   Post a comment
IBM and MIT will spend $240 million over 10 years to boost artificial intelligence, focusing on Watson’s health care and cybersecurity capabilities.
3-D Printing Fast-Tracks Circuit Prototyping
News & Analysis  
9/8/2017   Post a comment
Draper Laboratory used 3-D aerosol jet printing and a unique formulation of conductive ink to prototype a circuit in a few days.
DARPA’s ICECool Chills 3-D Stacks
News & Analysis  
8/31/2017   6 comments
Working under DARPA’s ICECool program, IBM and Georgia Tech replaced water cooling with a liquid dielectric that can run between the chips in a 3-D stack without shorting them out.
Comment: Re: Sram? - R_Colin_Johnson - 8/31/2017
IBM Boosts Brain Understanding
News & Analysis  
8/30/2017   5 comments
IBM creates a neurogenetic online dictionary learning model to prove its hypothesis that neurogenesis-based sparse dictionary learning is just as important as deep learning.
AI OS ‘Orchestrates’ Cognition
News & Analysis  
8/28/2017   Post a comment
The Conductor layer in Veritone’s aiWare artificial-intelligence operating system orchestrates 112 specialized pattern-recognition engines to achieve more accurate results in less time.
Comment: Re: Sram? - R_Colin_Johnson - 8/23/2017
Comment: Re: Sram? - R_Colin_Johnson - 8/23/2017
Magnetoelectric RAM Slashes Energy
News & Analysis  
8/23/2017   6 comments
French and Russian researchers built and demonstrated a magnetoelectric RAM (MELRAM) cell that requires 10,000x less current to read/write than traditional DRAM.
Small Accelerator, Big Promise
News & Analysis  
8/21/2017   1 comment
Brookhaven Lab used a 3-D printer and permanent magnets to produce a proof-of-concept desktop electron-beam accelerator for physics research and cancer treatment.
NIST Repurposes SQUIDs to Sniff Nukes, Solve Big Bang
News & Analysis  
8/17/2017   Post a comment
NIST is using microwave SQUID multiplexing in cryogenic microcalorimeter arrays to yield a Spectrometer to Leverage Extensive Development of Gamma-ray transition-Edge sensors for Huge Arrays using Microwave Multiplexed Enabled Readout (Sledgehammer).
New Security Worry: DNA-borne Malware
News & Analysis  
8/16/2017   4 comments
UW researchers coded malware into a DNA strand that spread to the sequencing software and opened a backdoor to a computer, exposing a little-considered cyber vulnerability.
IBM Deep Learning Breaks Through
News & Analysis  
8/11/2017   2 comments
IBM claims records in efficiency and accuracy for its distributed deep-learning (DDL) algorithms compared with the respective results of previous record holders Facebook and Microsoft.
Room-temp Laser-on-CMOS Achieved
News & Analysis  
8/7/2017   7 comments
Researchers from Arizona State and Tsinghua Universities achieved a room-temperature CMOS laser using a molybdenum ditelluride monolayer over a silicon cavity.
IBM Claims Tape Density Record
News & Analysis  
8/3/2017   2 comments
In a boost for Big Data, IBM Research has set a tape areal-density record of 201 gigabytes/square inch on nano-grained sputtered tape from Sony Storage Media Solutions.
TI Brings DLP Pico Projectors to the Masses
News & Analysis  
8/2/2017   8 comments
Texas Instruments, inventor of the MOEMS-based Digital Light Processor (DLP), has produced a $20 digital micromirror device (DMD) to bring pico projectors to the mass market.
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 7/27/2017
Ions Power Machine-Human Interface Demo
News & Analysis  
7/27/2017   Post a comment
The University of Maryland’s NanoCenter demonstrated an “inverted” battery that converts electrical signals into the ion power used by the human brain’s synapses to yield what it says is a perfect machine-to-human interface.
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 7/26/2017
Comment: Re: ... - R_Colin_Johnson - 7/26/2017
Google Aims to Beat the Brain
News & Analysis  
7/25/2017   7 comments
Google AI unit DeepMind aims to “solve intelligence” by decoding the algorithms and architectures of the brain. Has it underestimated the magnitude of the task?
Expanding Optical Horizons
News & Analysis  
7/20/2017   7 comments
Russian and Finish researchers collaborate to obsolete the need for expensive, single-mode fiber optics.
IBM Processor Claims New Level of Data Encryption
News & Analysis  
7/18/2017   8 comments
IBM's new z14 microprocessor is the world's first to encrypt all-the-data all-the-time, plus prevent unauthorized intruders from obtaining keys, thus putting hackers out-of-business.
Imec Aims 2-D FETs at Sub-5-nm Node
News & Analysis  
7/13/2017   4 comments
Imec crafts a demo architecture using anisotropic monolayers of black phosphorus to show that 2-D FET channels can extend Moore’s Law beyond the 5-nanometer node.
TI Claims to Obsolete FPGAs for Embedded Apps
News & Analysis  
7/6/2017   3 comments
Texas Instruments says its C2000 microcontrollers running its DesignDRIVE software offer a fast current loop that obsoletes the FPGA in motor control applications.
Comment: Re: 0.01C - R_Colin_Johnson - 7/5/2017
NIST Backs Quantum-level Temperature Measurement
News & Analysis  
7/3/2017   23 comments
With the a new temperature measurement unit call the SI set to replace the Kelvin, a NIST apparatus provides a QVNS reference measurement of the Boltzmann constant to gauge SI temperature.
ReRAM Goes 3D
News & Analysis  
6/30/2017   14 comments
The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has reinvented its resistive-RAM process to achieve a ReRAM that is amenable to 3D stacking, giving the “universal” memory an edge over flash.

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