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Comment: Re: Tempted? - SylvieBarak - 12/12/2013
DesignCon; Nvidia to discuss challenges of chip design
News & Analysis  
2/2/2013   Post a comment
Moore's law means chip companies can never afford to lay back on their laurels. Nvidia's SVP of GPU engineering is set to talk about how the firm stays ahead of the game.
CES: It's a wrap!
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/18/2013   Post a comment
The final word on this year's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.
Atmel talks touch enabled curves and Internet of Things
News & Analysis  
1/17/2013   2 comments
From curved touch surfaces to the Internet of Things, American semiconductor company Atmel is making waves in the world of consumer electronics.
Fairchild pumps up volume on analog and power in mobile
News & Analysis  
1/15/2013   8 comments
Fairchild semiconductor may not be a well known consumer brand, but at CES 2013, the analog and mixed-signal company showed just how important it was to the smartphone space.
November's caption winner; it's a kind of magic
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/14/2013   1 comment
Way back in November, there was a wizard. The wonderful wizard of Woz. You captioned, you voted, here's the winner.
Caption Contest: board badmington
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/14/2013   51 comments
As January 2013 gets into full swing, see if you can come up with a fitting caption for this month's badminton themed cartoon.
Samsung’s $250 Exynos 5-based Arndale dev board
News & Analysis  
1/14/2013   3 comments
At CES, Samsung Semiconductor showed us its recently launched Arndale community development board, complete with an Exynos 5 Dual SoC, the ARM Cortex-A15 dual-core CPU and ARM Mali T604 GPU.
CES: Maxim shows heart, turns up volume on audio
News & Analysis  
1/14/2013   Post a comment
Maxim Integrated shows how its microcontrollers and power management systems can be used to full effect in consumer electronics.
Whirlwind video tour of CES showfloor
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/11/2013   8 comments
EE Life sped around the CES show floor in Las Vegas this week and here are the video highlights.
Rambus: From dark to light (bulb)
News & Analysis  
1/11/2013   21 comments
Rambus has gone back to the whiteboard to reinvent not only itself, but also LED lighting and mobile TV.
CES: Samsung touts green memory
News & Analysis  
1/11/2013   8 comments
Samsung, as a huge player in the entire connected ecosystem, has decided it needs to tackle the problem and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, was touting its “green memory” to clean up the data center.
Gadgets, gizmos and geekery at CES Pepcom
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/10/2013   1 comment
Voice controlled watches, pulsating musical life-vests, and Ubuntu smartphones all make an appearance at Digital Experience in Las Vegas.
Video: Intel’s CES press conference highlights
News & Analysis  
1/10/2013   5 comments
At CES, the firm announced a pull-in of its low powered processors from fourth generation to third generation Ivy bridge products, exceeding even its own previously stated power targets, for what the company hopes will produce thinner, lighter, longer battery life devices.
Qualcomm’s mess of a CES keynote
1/9/2013   6 comments
How do you offset a CES keynote with very little news? By falling back on a long list of celebrities and cliches.
CES: These boots are(n’t) made for walking
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/9/2013   2 comments
Who said wearable fitness monitors were good for nothing? Our CES progress measured in feet.
Intel's CES focus on phones, core, tablets
News & Analysis  
1/8/2013   10 comments
From smartphones to Core products, Intel said it has ramped up its execution to build momentum in 2013.
CES Unveiled...unveiled
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/7/2013   4 comments
sensors for plant pots, hemp headphones, Justin Bieber singing toothbrushes, quadcopter cameras and 3-D printed iPhone cases were just some of the odd gadgets on display at CES Unveiled Sunday Night.
What will CES 2013 bring to the tech table?
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/5/2013   8 comments
Do the CEA's trends hold up? If not, what are the technologies that will be making a splash at CES this year?
Comment: re: A Clean Slate for CES - 1/3/2013
AMD names Devinder Kumar CFO
News & Analysis  
1/3/2013   2 comments
After a three-month search, AMD has appointed its interim chief financial officer as a full time fixture.
Rightware appoints new CEO
News & Analysis  
1/3/2013   Post a comment
Ex-Nokia smartphone vice president takes over as CEO of the user interface firm.
Imagination Technologies CEO knighted
News & Analysis  
12/29/2012   1 comment
Imagination Technologies CEO Hossein Yassaie has been put on the Queen's honors list for 2013, and will become a knight.
Top 10 engineering Kickstarter projects
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/28/2012   8 comments
Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has enjoyed yet another spectacular year of growth, with some incredible wins for engineering startups. Come and see some of the highest funded projects from 2012.
Do you deserve a Christmas bonus?
12/24/2012   9 comments
Did you slave the year away and not get a bonus? Did you expect one?
Comment: re: Top 10 videos of 2012 - 12/21/2012
Asian-Americans dominating tech?
12/21/2012   32 comments
After some dubious number crunching, the San Jose Mercury News claims Silicon Valley has been taken over by an Asian-American invasion.
MIT advances quantum magnetism
News & Analysis  
12/21/2012   9 comments
MIT researchers have discovered a new form of magnetism that could lead to quantum communication and storage.
Globalfoundries: Europe 'fundamentally flawed' on manufacturing
News & Analysis  
12/20/2012   5 comments
Globalfoundries CEO Ajit Manocha had some harsh words for Europe regarding manufacturing and what needs to be done to revive it.
Ericsson outlines 10 hot consumer trends for 2013
News & Analysis  
12/19/2012   3 comments
What's hot and trending in the world of mobile infrastructure? Ericsson consumer labs has accumulated some facts and figures in its latest report.
EE Times Pub quiz rocked the house!
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/19/2012   Post a comment
Engineers descended on Mountain View to drink beer, eat onion rings and answer some taxing trivia for EE Times' first pub quiz.
"Twas the night before Christmas"
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/18/2012   2 comments
If you're into stuffing stockings with silicon, and lighting up your tree with LEDs, this engineering version of a Christmas classic is most definitely up your alley. Or down your chimney!
Top 10 videos of 2012
12/18/2012   3 comments
Join us for a look at the 10 videos that rocked our engineering world here at EE Times this year.
Kurzweil joins Google as director of engineering
News & Analysis  
12/17/2012   1 comment
The guru of the Singularity has been hired by Google to take charge of its machine learning initiatives.
Not the end of the world, says NASA
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/17/2012   19 comments
For those frantically stockpiling canned tuna in their underground bunkers or saying their final goodbyes, you're being a little melodramatic. Or just plain wrong, according to NASA.
Silicon Valley pub quiz
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/14/2012   4 comments
Come pit your wits against silicon valley's greatest challengers!
The Sony Walkman, the best present I ever got
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/14/2012   10 comments
Just over a decade after the launch of the iPod, and a year after the decommissioning of the iconic Sony Walkman, I look back with nostalgia at the best Christmas present I ever got.
Foundries not dead, just evolving, says Globalfoundries CEO
News & Analysis  
12/13/2012   11 comments
Intel has publicly declared the fabless/foundry model as dead or dying, but Ajit Manocha, CEO of Globalfoundries, says it is simply being born again.
Decode your family’s genes for Christmas
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/12/2012   6 comments
Unwrapping presents is cute, but outdated. For a modern Christmas twist, try cracking your genetic code.
Dis-ARMing the data center – Separating myth from reality
Engineering Investigations  
12/12/2012   11 comments
ARM keeps talking the microserver talk, but when is it going to start walking the walk? And is it even worth it?
Huawei, spurned by U.S., expands in Europe
News & Analysis  
12/11/2012   4 comments
Huawei has been shut out of key segments of the U.S. telecom market out of national security concerns. In response, the Chinese telecom giant is expanding in Europe.
John McCollum: HS teacher taught electronics with love
12/11/2012   13 comments
Homestead High – alma mater of Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak -- offered a course that sparked the creativity of Cupertino’s kids: John McCollum’s electronics class.
Comment: re: Telecom's messiest wiring? - 12/10/2012
Telecom's messiest wiring?
12/10/2012   9 comments
It's hard to make wiring look tidy, but it's also fairly difficult to make it look quite this complicated!
Intel's 22-nm tri-gate SoC, how low can you leak?
News & Analysis  
12/10/2012   6 comments
After announcing Ivy Bridge, the mainstream CPU version of its 22-nm tri-gate technology in June, Intel is back with a revamped SoC version for low power devices.
Comment: re: iPhone 5S pictures leaked? - 12/10/2012
iPhone 5S pictures leaked?
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/7/2012   5 comments
Photos on an online forum claim to show the casing of the Apple iPhone 5S model, said to be coming soon.
Marvell co-founder: RIM will survive, thrive
News & Analysis  
12/7/2012   13 comments
Despite its recent troubles, RIM will manage to pull through and succeed with BlackBerry OS 10, says Marvell's Weili Dai.
TI employee techs out bike for cross country ride
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/7/2012   7 comments
Meet TI's version of a biking Forrest Gump
Stanford names 2012 engineering heroes
12/6/2012   Post a comment
Stanford University has made this year's selection of who it deems the most worthy of being recognized as an engineering hero, from a long list of ex graduates.
Philips, LG, Panasonic slapped with 1.9 billion EU fine
News & Analysis  
12/5/2012   2 comments
Electronics firms—including Philips, LG and Panasonic—have been fined $1.9 billion by the European Union for alleged cartel-like behavior.
Prehistoric caption vote
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/5/2012   Post a comment
Winner, winner, mammoth dinner
Buttons could morph up on mobile screens
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/5/2012   7 comments
Tactus Technology believes that a microfluidic panel mobile screen will be able to seamlessly provide pressable buttons when people want them, having them melt away when they don't.
Staples to offer 3-D printing
News & Analysis  
12/5/2012   15 comments
Office super store Staples is set to roll out a 3-D printing initiative, allowing customers to send in their designs and have them made.
Quantum tornadoes generated on semiconductors
12/5/2012   3 comments
Scientists have found ways to generate tiny twisters on a chip for more precise measurement.

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