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EVs Strain Clean-energy Supply, But Could Help Balance Grid
News & Analysis  
6/28/2017   11 comments
Electric vehicles are complicating power companies’ transition to renewable energy sources. But EVs could help balance the grid by recharging off-peak and providing electricity when not in use.
Virtual Reality Market To Grow When Hardware & Content Cost Less
2/2/2017   Post a comment
What will the tipping point be for mass adoption of virtual and augmented reality? This year's Mobile World Congress has some clues.
Steep Rise of Drones Boosts Other Business
News & Analysis  
1/17/2017   Post a comment
A new report by Grand View Research predicts anti-drone technologies, such as electromagnetic shields, lasers, and "net-firing bazookas,” could reach $1.85 billion by 2024.
Trump Needs to Embrace Industrial Revolution
12/7/2016   5 comments
Industrial jobs policy is important for many millions of Trump supporters, especially those who lost jobs when factories downsized or closed. But can Trump's U.S. really compete with Asia and Europe?
iPhone 7, No Headphone Jack Creates a Recipe for e-Waste
9/27/2016   9 comments
Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5 mm headphone connector on the new iPhone 7, while continuing to use their proprietary Lightning connector, could mean more electronic waste as users discard their old headsets and many OEMs rush to develop new ones using Apple’s connector.
Samsung's Battery Problems Could Affect Smartphone Supply Chain
9/13/2016   Post a comment
Samsung has issued a worldwide recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phablets to rectify a battery issue. It's more than a company issue. The impact has the potential to ripple through the battery supply chain.
SoftBank/ARM Deal: Political Hurdles Ahead?
7/22/2016   Post a comment
The deal could also face hard scrutiny by the European Commission, which is now becoming more critical about consolidation in the technology sector.
Brexit May Halt 5G Roadmap
7/14/2016   1 comment
The unexpected result of last month’s Brexit vote has created a well-documented wave of troubles for the financial markets, a significant drop in the value of the pound, and a sudden freeze on major new investments in the UK.
Europe Moving to Industry 4.0
7/7/2016   Post a comment
Over the past five years the European Union has made significant advances in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, M2M communications, and Internet of Things connectivity in industrial applications.
Consumers Not Excited About Connected Appliances
6/15/2016   3 comments
Consumers like the idea of connected devices, but many are reluctant to embrace the reality due to security concerns.
Consumer Robots in 10% of Homes by 2020
3/15/2016   Post a comment
Consumer robots have been moving into our lives at a slow pace than some expected. But that is about to change.
Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G, IoT and Politics On Tap
News & Analysis  
2/10/2016   Post a comment
Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona is a mere five weeks away. Here's a look at what we're expecting at the event, amidst local, national, and global politics.
Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G, IoT And Politics On Tap
2/10/2016   Post a comment
Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona is a mere five weeks away. Here's a look at what we're expecting at the event, amidst local, national, and global politics.
Android, Chrome OS Merger: Why It Makes Sense
11/13/2015   Post a comment
Google has not confirmed reports that it intended to merge Chrome OS and Android. Is the idea really that far-fetched? Here's how the resulting products of such a marriage would be beneficial to users and the enterprise.
IoT-Designed, Locally Manufactured Cars Come to Market
10/22/2015   2 comments
Instead of spending millions of dollars and several years designing a new vehicle, micromanufacturing can do it much faster and at a fraction of the cost.
5G Expectations Soar
News & Analysis  
8/14/2015   Post a comment
The next-generation of wireless technology is generating big-time predictions as the industry gears up for its potential benefits.
Nokia Wants Another Run At Making Phones
7/21/2015   Post a comment
Nokia looks to regain relevancy in the mobile device business in its post-Microsoft life.
Comment: Re: bad idea - Pablo Valerio - 7/15/2015
Mobile World Congress To Stay in Barcelona
News & Analysis  
7/15/2015   2 comments
Despite city politics, GSMA's Mobile World Congress is staying in Barcelona until 2023.
USB Type-C Could Change Laptop/Smartphone Supply Chain
6/25/2015   1 comment
USB Type-C could solve the connectivity nightmare most users face when buying a new device. The new standard could disrupt the manufacturing and distributing of USB devices, but that is a good thing.
New Usecases Broaden Mobile ID, NFC
News & Analysis  
3/20/2015   Post a comment
Strong smartcard and mobile ID solutions can help provide secure access and identification for devices, services, and official documents.
EU's 5G Vision Gets Clearer, Still Fragmented
News & Analysis  
3/6/2015   Post a comment
The European Commission’s new digital boss, Günther H. Oettinger, praises advances in 5G since the introduction of the 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP)
Europe's Road to 5G Another Hot Topic at MWC
2/20/2015   Post a comment
As Mobile World Congress approaches, what is the reality underlying the hype of 5G? And will Europe's aspirations be met?
US EMV Adoption to Drive Market
2/18/2015   10 comments
The only major market yet to adopt EMV-standard cards, US is poised to make the switch.
New York's Payphone Revolution
2/7/2015   Post a comment
Luckily for Clark Kent, Gotham will still have phone booths. New York City experiments with an innovative solution for payphones.
Samsung Set To Launch 'Samsung Pay' With Galaxy S6 at MWC
2/3/2015   8 comments
Can Samsung create a payment service similar to Apple Pay and be successful?
Tizen Phones Selling in India Compete with Android One
2/2/2015   Post a comment
Samsung is introducing their second Tizen OS smartphone, the Z1, initially just for the Indian market.
Mobile Payments To Be Hot Topic at Mobile World Congress 2015
1/19/2015   Post a comment
NFC mobile payments will be hot at Mobile World Congress in March. Since Apple Pay launched, every US bank wants in and the market in Europe is ready.
Comment: Re: Major for NXP - Pablo Valerio - 11/10/2014
NXP Gives Android Its Apple Pay
11/6/2014   3 comments
NXP, having worked with Apple on Apple Pay, now launches its PN66T module for secure NFC mobile transactions -- for Android.
Mobile Operators Want SIMs in Every IoT Sensor
9/10/2014   Post a comment
GSMA group says its Embedded SIM architecture is key to deploying a worldwide Internet of Things.
EU to Boost RFID Use & Privacy
8/20/2014   7 comments
Can the European Union protect consumer privacy with a new RFID logo?
Q&A: ARM Mobile Targets Wearables
8/18/2014   1 comment
The smartphone will be a personal hub and wearables will be companion to the smartphone, says ARM's mobile segment marketing manager.
Comment: Re: Useless? - Pablo Valerio - 8/11/2014
Android Open-Source for ARMv8-A Starts 64-Bit Avalanche
7/22/2014   Post a comment
Mobile devices will need a big boost in processing power to provide new features such as UltraHD video, LTE-Advanced, and 3D products (Google's Tango).
Connected Car: NXP's One-Chip Wireless Design
News & Analysis  
7/8/2014   1 comment
European Drive C2X project gets a new approved part. NXP’s TEF510x, the second product from the RoadLINK range, is now available to automotive OEMs.
ARM Jumps on Open-Source Sensors
News & Analysis  
7/1/2014   Post a comment
ARM Semiconductors jumps into the open-source sensor hubs game by teaming with sensor algorithm company Sensor Platforms to produce open-source software for sensor hub applications.
Actions Licenses ARM for 64-Bit Tablets
News & Analysis  
6/30/2014   6 comments
Actions Semiconductor will provide its first 64-bit ARM Cortex-based SoC in late 2014, making it easier for the Chinese company to develop high-end tablets.
Comment: Re: Interesting - Pablo Valerio - 6/19/2014
MIT Study Says Patent Trolls Kill Innovation
6/19/2014   8 comments
A new study from MIT shows that what's good for lawyers and patent trolls hurt innovation.
NXP Releases Free Android Dev Kit for MiFare & NTAG
6/13/2014   1 comment
Host Card Emulation for Android (standard on OS 4.4 KitKat) is starting to fuel the development of many applications that could be used for mobile payments, access control, and smartcard emulation.
Robotics: EU Launches $3.9 Billion Initiative
6/5/2014   2 comments
The European Union believes the worldwide market for robotics will grow from US$30 billion (€22 billion) this year to $83 billion (€60 billion) by 2020. The Commission wants Europe to have a leading role developing new robotic products and technologies.
Google is Making a 3D Imaging Tablet
News & Analysis  
5/27/2014   9 comments
As part of Project Tango, Google may now be building a first-generation 3D tablet.
Is $300 Snapdragon 801 Smartphone With CyanogenMod a Good Idea?
5/24/2014   7 comments
The OnePlus One phone offers a special CyanogenMod 11S Android KitKat version that, among other things, has better privacy features and SMS encryption between CyanogenMod devices. But does that put OnePlus One into a higher-end market?
Comment: Re: warning? - Pablo Valerio - 5/22/2014
Comment: warning? - Pablo Valerio - 5/22/2014
Comment: Re: Casa Batllo - Pablo Valerio - 5/21/2014
Comment: Casa Batllo - Pablo Valerio - 5/20/2014
Home App to Control Competitors' Appliances
5/15/2014   1 comment
Bosch’s Home Connect app will control appliances, not only from Bosch and Siemens but from other brands as well.
Comment: Re: Want more - Pablo Valerio - 5/12/2014
Comment: Re: Want more - Pablo Valerio - 5/10/2014
Slow SIM Security Delays NFC Mobile Payment Programs
5/10/2014   6 comments
Using SIM cards as a secure element for NFC mobile transactions is too slow for public transportation authorities such as Transport For London (TFL).
Tiny Generator Uses Heat to Power Wearables
5/7/2014   5 comments
An innovative solution from a team at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology could hold the key to powering wearables continuously, using the wearer's own body heat as a generator.
'Electric Paint' May Speed Prototyping
4/30/2014   5 comments
Leave it to art students to create an electronic paint. Former students from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London have devised a conductive ink.

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