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2|14|2018 SAN FRANCISCO — With PC shipments in continual decline and smartphone growth exploding over the past few years, Intel's share of the overall microprocessor ...

2|14|2018 SAN FRANCISCO — The idea of going back to the human brain to find alternatives to current computing technology isn’t new.

2|9|2018 SAN FRANCISCO — An infusion of new semiconductor manufacturing lines — particularly for DRAM memory — is forecast to drive an above average ...

2|6|2018 SAN FRANCISCO — Semiconductor sales again grew on both a sequential and annual basis in December, capping a record year in which the industry's total ...

1|31|2018 SAN FRANCISCO — Samsung Electronics and Apple were the top two buyers of semiconductors for the seventh consecutive year in 2017, distancing themselves ...

1|29|2018 5G consists of a host of technologies that include mmWave frequencies and multiple antennas. Because mmWave signals must overcome losses not encountered at lower ...

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A Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) for hardware with appropriate hardware security products could have prevented the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities ...
On Feb. 6, a magnitude 6.4 quake struck the eastern coast of the island, just two days after a 6.1 quake epicentered in the same spot. Taiwan is located in a seismically ...
We hear and see all sorts of predictions about the future of fully autonomous (self-driving) cars, ranging from "just a few years away" to "much further away than you ...
The total value of semiconductor industry M&A deals announced last year fell to about $27.7 billion, down from $107.3 billion in 2015 and $99.8 billion in 2016, ...
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Come the holiday season, we all get caught up in a blitz of hot deals in emails from online retailers, tear-away coupons from local malls, and TV ads interrupting our ...
AspenCore Europe sat down with Microsemi's Rick Goerner to talk about the PolarFire series of fifth-generation flash-based FPGAs.
Today, the circuitry on the board in mainstream industrial and consumer products operates from a wide range of supply voltages: the power rails are most commonly at 5V, ...
Picture yourself in the final stretch of testing a prototype for the controller board of your company’s fuel pump, which will be incorporated into the newest model ...
Being first to market with a new product or feature is a critical differentiator in many industries. Being first often means capturing greater market share or establishing ...
Engineers and designers always seem to be battling the clock in their efforts to be innovative and win the race to market with cost-effective solutions. Sometimes, though, ...
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Martin Rowe

Test Tool Finds Ethernet Wiring Errors
Martin Rowe
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When my house was renovated several years ago, I had the electrician install network outlets in numerous places, then run the LAN cables to a wiring closet. But he didn't document the ends ...

Martin Rowe

Local Electronics Store Supplies Engineers and Hobbyists
Martin Rowe
Rochester, N.Y. — Tucked away in this western New York city known for its optics is Goldcrest Electronics, a local store that's supplied businesses and individuals with electronic ...

Martin Rowe

How to Transform a Technology University (Book Review)
Martin Rowe
The Presiding Genius of the Place by Alison Chisolm. WPI, Worcester, Mass., 234 pp., 2016. Engineers love to discuss, and often criticize, engineering education. They often claim ...